Adam Lft Heavy/Med/Pyro Invite, Spy in Adv

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  • I led and placed as main heavy on apolodosh seasons one, three, and four. Recently I played heavy this season and got 4th on cuties. I’ve been playing heavy in plat/invite since s23 and I wouldn’t mind branching out and giving other combo oriented classes in invite a serious try.

    As far as advanced goes I haven’t played spy in a competitive environment outside of pugs, but due to a combination of experience playing the game at a higher level, calling, and aim I think I would excel in advanced as spy given a bit of practice. What I’m looking for in a team is a group of people that genuinely love playing the game, and look forward to each others presence through the good and the bad.

    If you want to add me for a tryout or just want to talk message me on discord or add me on steam.

    Discord: Adam Chef#8991

  • slept on spy player, mans is nice at spy ngl…

  • Adams a bit of a goofy guy, but then again so am I

    I think he is committed to improving at the game and has been doing so on heavy at a high level for years

    I think with his knowledge of the game and his resources he is in a way more likely position to exceed then most players on spy in advanced.
    Adams already proved hes a winner in invite through his pootis gameplay
    I think he would do fine showing the same thing in advanced.

    Even though his playoffs was cut short this season I don’t think you go 7-0 in the post season and not be considered a top player especially offclassing in a lower division
    He is surely going to pop off.

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