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  • ----- ARCHIVE ----- (huge thanks to asher for blessing me with copies of the old interviews)

    old coach’s corner

    Interview #1: Galaxy Spy

    in the FIRST EVER edition of Coach’s Corner, the coach interviews the infamous Galaxy Spy where he investigates what happened exactly with galaxy spy’s ban. the two discuss his bomb threat ban, his thoughts on it in the current day, the aftermath of the events and how it escalated to him getting banned from every hl pug group ever.

    Interview #2: Ghost Spy

    For the 2nd edition of coach’s corner: we’re joined by none other than the Ghost Spy. the coach asks about her team, the shpee meta, her reputation in the HL community, people’s second hand opinions on others & more.

    Interview #3: Figsy

    on this edition of coach’s corner, the coach interviews figsy as they talk about her hl team, pug culture and her experience as a female playing competitively in tf2.

    Interview #4: Exaflamer

    the coach is joined by none other than the Head admin of RGL himself: exaflamer. they discuss his competitive roots, his work on & the engineer class, the role of being the head admin of RGL and what it entails and the toronto raptors.

    Interview #5: Starfruit66

    in a barebones interview, the coach interviews the engineer demon known as starfruit66. the coach asks about engineer game theories, finger movement, his team’s popularity and also touch upon people with numbers in their name.

    Lost Interview: Flu walrus

    after an eagerly anticipated wait, the infamous ham pyro flu walrus joins the coach’s corner! the coach and flu walrus discuss the infamous Fred V: The Brampton Warriors grand finals ban, trolling, old players vs new, past quotes of his and more.

    Interview #6: wish

    for coach’s corner #6, the coach is joined by the overlord wish. they talk about his scout gameplay, his hot takes on the current players & anime.

    Interview #7: Artz Hispanian

    ill be real with u this interview aint it

    Interview #8: Spu

    for the 7th edition of coach’s corner, the coach interviews his long-running troll victim: Spu. they talk about his recent switch from shpee to snipar, the current state of hl & the (de)evolution it’s meta, pedophillia association & more.

    Interview #9: Triiiple

    in this edition of coach’s corner, the coach is joined by the kid warrior himself. the two discuss his past & current teams, his opinions on certain types of players, battle royales, books and more.

    Interview #10: Galaxy Spy (The Live Voice Special)

    in a special coach’s corner #10: the coach holds a live voice interview with galaxy spy. mediated by bowl, the coach catches up with galaxy: revisiting his ban & his progression with it, inquiring his ban appeals, his hatred for RGL HL Head Admin Micahlele, Galaxy’s character, his opinions on the players currently in HL right now, him evading his ban from hl pug groups by alting & more!

    Interview #11: Mad ring me

    joining the coach for coach’s corner #11 is madringme, an up and coming streamer and valorant pro. the coach and madringme talk about his life as a trapper, his drip, skill in videogames, and his hate for pyro players

    Interview #12: Micahlele

    RGL HL Head Admin and massive community figure micahlele joins the coach for coach’s corner #12. in this edition: micahlele reveals how he got his position as head admin, his ongoing rivalry with the galaxy spy, and his constant quest for knowledge.

    Interview #13: JJSlim

    by popular demand, jjslim reaches the coach’s corner. the coach and jjslim talk about his upcoming team, reminisce on hl years ago & growing up with it, his list of noobs, asian shordies, drake & more!

    Interview #14: Dope

    on this edition of the coach’s corner, the coach reluctantly interviews dope. the coach explores the inner mind of dope: inquiring of his origins, his addiction to cheating in video games, his vast knowledge on the hl meta, his compulsion to saying racist/sexist/transphobic to people unsolicitedly and his need for lusting after trans people on the internet.

    Lost Interview: Habib

    the coach links up with a man like habib as they talk about being on team froyotech, his experiences as a top level veteran, the science behind succeeding in an e-sport and his opinions on the global tf2 scene. they also look back on the old times in tf2 history, life in toronto & more.

    Interview #15: mustardoverlord

    in this edition of coach’s corner - the coach interviews mustardoverlord: known in the 6s community to be a long winded reddit essay writer & overall tf2 boomer. the coach & mustard reminisce on old tf2 lore, stolen LAN trophies, internet culture in the 2010s & how RGL treats black people.

    Interview #16: SOOOOOAPYMEiSTER

    by popular demand, 6s own golden boy SOOOOOAPYMEiSTER jumps into coach’s corner. the coach gets to know more about him as they discuss his current hl & 6s team, his origins, bball & jumping and also touch briefly on spades slick & anime.

    Interview #17: PRO SKEEZ

    the coach prepares a formal conference call with your favourite player’s favourite medic: PRO SKEEZ. the duo chat and discuss his history, maintaining a professional attitude despite ongoing adversity, habib, the current state of invite & a certain hl player that has been lost in tf2 history

    Interview #18: davidredface

    this 1 aint worth clicking on either

    Interview #19: aim

    in this edition of coach’s corner, the coach interviews aim and talk about his current status in the tf2 community, the “drama regarding his ban”, his casting organization & the current meta in invite tf2.

    Interview #20: Spu

    (Thank you to Rolling, perenne & SOOOOOAPYMEiSTER for help with the synopsis)

    Link to TF.TV Thread

    you guys can keep up with the coach’s corner & the latest Bowl of Mayo studios content through our official discord here! thank you very much!

  • all right sorry 4 the wait fellas. i had a mishap with a time machine. all the links in the archive should be working now. again, big thanks to asher for blessing me with copies of the old interviews.

    this is for coach’s corner #10 aka the voice interview special; where we revisit one of the people we interviewed before. before voting please look over the previous interviews linked in the archive to help best make the best possible decision. or dont it dont matter. im still in the works on how i want to do this interview still, it is gonna take a minute. all i can confirm is that when we’re livestreaming it do not expect stream chat interaction.

    this is for coach’s corner #11 which is our regular interviews. expect the poll to be closed by saturday. big thank u to my interns rolling odb & baby brother bffl for helping me.


  • all right fellas.

    alt text

    wow… galaxy spy won… Ok. im gonna put in work for this interview. ill let u know when i have the stuff ready.

    alt text

    on a positive note mad ring me won the poll for #11.

    submit all questions for mad ring me and galaxy spy below. i cannot give a deadline this time still other than to expect the mad ring me interview by the end of next week. dont cross the line, thanks!

  • Question for Mad Ring Me…

    How do u feel about adam biting all ur jokes and sayings bro…

  • to madringme: What is it like waking up every day and being the absolute worst crewmate in among us of all time?

  • ok fellas the mad ring me interview is still in the works but listen; i have a date for the galaxy spy interview. This Saturday: December 19th @ 6PM EST we will be hosting the first ever Coach’s Corner #10: Voice Special with our Guest: the Galaxy Spy. Hosted by me (Coach Bucks) & Moderated by Bowl of Mayo. Be sure to catch it @

    i said this in the last post but ill remind everyone: feel free to post all galaxy spy questions below or if you’d like to ask a question anonymously, you can DM me them. the deadline is friday night. do not cross the line. thank you!

    EDIT: there is not gonna be any stream interaction im not gonna read chat myself.

    EDIT2: galaxy spy interview has been postponed to 7pm EST. sorry fellas!


    this is coach’s corner #10 the voice special. this is transferred from the vod; i would’ve edited it but frankly this was alot of work already and i think this is adequate enough.

    remember that the opinions expressed by the interviewee dont reflect the opinions of myself or bowl of mayo. feel free to give suggestions, criticism, hate etc. thanks !


    this coach’s corner #11. nominations are open, deadline for it will be tommorow evening when i get back from work. thanks !


    coach’s corner #12. deadline for votes will be thursday evening. thanks!

  • can I be removed from the nominations after this round? it’s a waste of a slot cos nobody is gonna vote for me, myself included.

  • @Bliztank ok sir ill do that

  • @vryktion many thanks

  • alt text

    all right over the christmas break i actually got in contact with b4nny (thank u to cookiejake for helping me) but unfortunately we arent interviewing him. i dm’d him a few times and talked to him about my interviews etc, and he never really got back to me still. i believe there may be a chance in the future… for him to say no to me interviewing him lmaoo but anyway we will bne interviewing micahlele.

    i cant give a deadline on the reader submitted questions but expect the interview to be out by the end of next week. dont cross the line. thanks !

  • to micah: Why have you not unbanned Galaxy

  • micah: how has your opinion of the attitude of the community changed from before you were admin at all, to when you became a medium power admin, to head admin

    also when we linking up again big man

  • micah: biggest change you’d like to make that you know wouldn’t be well received?

  • Micah: Will you buy me a Whalelord please.

  • Micah: What were your thoughts about me prior to becoming an admin? Has this changed after you became an admin for a while?

  • micah: what are some of the behind the scene responsibilities that you have had to take over as head admin.

  • micah: what are your biggest pet peeves (both player sided and behind the scenes) as an admin?

    additionally, what are some of the most common misconceptions either about the league or about admins that you run across?

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