Willy Mentoring Heavies

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  • So I’ve got some time during weeknights, and I’d like to start reviewing some heavy demos, preferably at the Main-Advanced level.

    Because of how finicky my free time can be at night, the way I would like this to go is for you to send me a demo of a game you want me to review, possibly with some specific things that were troubling you / you’d like to work on, and I’ll stream and record a demo review to send back to you. It’s also easier for me to do this way because I like to frequently rewind demos and talk a lot, and it’s easier for me to answer questions after the fact. You can find my Twitch here.

    Some background on me, I’ve played heavy in Invite the past few seasons, most recently getting 4th place with Yeye, won advanced a little bit before that, and way back in the day I played some heavy in UGC Plat.

    You can add me on Steam or message me on Discord @ Willy_#9908.


  • Smart player with dedication to his class. Heavy Mentors are rare and often vary in terms of quality. Willy is a top quality heavy who can show you how to play the class effectively. Hes also a good friend 🙂

  • Holy fucking shit dude the dojo is fucking helping others hit the fucking dojo and I fucking love it

    Making the community more competitive is all I’ve ever wanted and to compete
    I have so much to say about willy

    If I had the opportunity to play with Jesus, God, and Willy I’m fucking taking Willy over the planet PLUS ANY celestial out there
    This man is the best heavy I will ever play with and have the pleasure to play with I don’t see myself playing without him
    He makes playing this game fun
    He makes me wanna improve and he also helps contribute to the environment of winning
    This man was fucking born a winner

    He is 10 times better then every guy on the list of heavies I’ve played with when it comes to comms, assist, stats, impact, and urgency
    The man has urgency in this voice like no one other and shit gives me goosebumps
    This man can teach you the knowledge of pootis I’ve seen him
    He is more then committed

  • Great heavy player, communicates well with his combo, and very insightful when planning pushes. Can’t ask more from him and his knowledge as heavy weapons guy is golden.

    If you pick Willy as your mentor, you will learn valuable knowledge on how to play heavy in HL and will also learn fundamentals on what your team should be doing as well.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Reviving this as I’ve got the itch to do some reviews.

  • Willy is beast heavy and a really kind person. He has never tilted and only provided god-like comms. You will be missing out if you do not have willy has your mentor 🙂

  • When I was jumping back into Heavy after a very long break from playing competitive TF2, I was lucky enough to have Willy as my mentor. He was always willing to review demos/answer any questions I had/and helped with my gameplay and game knowledge.

    GOAT mentor, hit him up if you wanna get good at poot.

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