RGL 6s Main S4 GRAND FINALS: Obese Whales vs. Goobies

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  • RGL 6s Main S4 GRAND FINALS: Obese Whales vs. Goobies

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    War, war never changes. Eight teams entered the playoffs, all with near identical records, now only two remain. Goobies took an early win against Lobsters.tf, coming back from a convincing defeat on Clearcut to wrestle back Gullywash, and outclass the crustaceans on Product. They then proceeded to take a far more convincing 2-1 over 7gull, cleaning up their Gully game.

    Obese Whales also struggled on Gully in their first match, ending up with an otherwise convincing 2-1 over PERUTECH, followed up by a swift 2-0 against watch This.

    Both team’s potential weak spots in their playoffs run thus far were shored up in the vetos, leaving Villa, Process, and Snakewater as the battlegrounds, similarly negating Goobies’ 5-2 win on Metalworks when the teams met in W4.

    So join eXtine and tonyb on TFTV to catch the end of one of the season’s tightest playoffs race!

    Match Page | Bracket | Writeup by ire

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