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  • I’m an older player adjusting to the meta after a long hiatus. I’m looking for a team of chill people to improve alongside with in a more challenging div.

    I’m actively being mentored for pocket scout, and I’d like to continue building experience in that role. I regularly practice DM with my mentors and try to grind mechanics wherever I can fit it into my day.

    Previous experience:
    Pocket scout starter - RGL Newcomer S4 playoffs - Zed
    Scout starter - ESEA-O S16 - No Expectations
    Scout starter - Scrim team - Entire Flank is Babies
    Scout sub - ESEA-O S14 - snarky teamname incoming
    Scout starter - ESEA-O S13 - Radical Rhinos
    Scout sub - UGC Silver S11 - The Butterfly Effect
    Scout starter - UGC Steel S10 - Anti-Personnel

    Discord: Megan#3333
    Steam: /id/cgc002


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