beanie LFT Heavy S8

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  • Posting this as I’d still like to play next season! not sure what the forecast looks like for heavies next season, but I’m going to take a shot! work from home will be the norm until at least summer 2021 for me.

    UGC exp listed on profile as I’m a boomer, but for the last couple of seasons, it’s been Shroom Gang, Frat House and recently with Net Graph in Invite.

    Can add me on discord or steam, LifehouseYouandMe#4921; Advanced/Invite preferably!

    One caveat is that I do not main-call, so if you need that from your heavy, then I’m not your guy. This does not deter from focus fire calls and important combo calls however.

  • can carry a team with his giant muscles

  • all the heavies suck except this guy. say otherwise, just to let you know he’s a million times stronger than you. but for real he’s one of my favorite people to play with and he’s really good

  • i love beanie

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