LTF NC/AM Pyro s8

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  • I am a Great pick for a Pyro for a Newcomer or Armature team. I can protect your team so you don’t die. If there is a spy killing your med pick me ill make sure that spy is thankful for every second of live they have as i spy check everywhere i also have a spy friend that gives me tips on how spies play. I’m a great med buddy I can stick with your med and make sure that your alive and giving heals and ubers. I’m also great with the rest of the team ill make sure the enemy is almost always on fire because fire is good and i want my team to be alive and winning :D You can contact me with my discord Charlotte (fey/fem/feir)#0676 You can also look at my RGL profile but there isn’t much there. Thank You for your time and i hope you pick me for tryouts.

  • I’ve seen fem play, feir a really good pick for a NC/AM team imo

  • Fey is very willing to learn and improve, and already shows good skill and understanding. Fey’s a great pyro and will do well on your team.

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