rairai mentoring hl soldiers

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  • i’m not the most experienced player ever, but i think i do okay. 2 seasons of soldier, won advanced 9-0. also many seasons of spy experience.

    better players always helped me improve, so i’d like to help you improve if you think i can. add me on steam.

    edit: no longer accepting players, do not add me.

  • Good player : ) Amazing person and can really help anyone looking to improve

    Rai has a good understanding of what to do in hl and in some games literally plays perfectly! I know that sounds hard to believe but trust me I’ve seen the footage

    Rai has worked so hard to be a better player and im happy I get to play grand finals with them in advanced

    Communicates with teammates I could only imagine they would be a good mentor

    Your an idiot if u don’t think u can get better not having a little bit of guidance

  • holy ownage

  • good at game, smells better than cutimus

  • Has outstanding timing and a great understanding of the game, really nice guy too. Would be a fantastic mentor to have; his improvement over the past 8 weeks alone has been insane and shows how smart and adaptable of a player he is.

  • cutie :3
    Seriously though, one of my absolute favourite sollys to play with. Lots of game knowledge and gamesense. Very good on solly and I highly recommend him as a mentor if you want to see improvements in your own gameplay.

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