cliffside lfp s8 main/adv

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  • hey, im making a roster for the upcoming main (possibly adv depending on pickups) highlander season! goal for this team is to have fun, experiment with items/playstyles that differ from the norm, and make a run for playoffs. plan currently is to scrim saturdays and sundays.


    — cliffside HL —
    scout - brick, papaya, poliphobia?
    soldier - sergeant
    pyro - pmn06, zuz, isllama?
    demoman - d00ie, michae1, voyager?
    heavy - jackx232
    engineer - kritik?
    medic - landscape
    sniper - scouty, flared?
    spy - norphel08, birbee, daedalus?

    message me on steam or discord (landscape#2881)

  • UPDATE need advanced pyro, engineer, and demoman tryouts UPDATE

    current tryout roster

    — cliffside HL —
    scout - lukamine, brick, papaya, poliphobia?
    soldier - sergeant
    pyro - zuz, isllama?
    demoman - d00ie, voosh?
    heavy - jackx232
    engineer - marble, kritik?
    medic - landscape
    sniper - magma, scouty, flared?
    spy - daedalus, norphel08?

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