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  • Been playing Season 19 of UGC technically while officially starting in Season 21, go by Joey usually, after taking a season off i wanna play video game again

    S21: UGC Steel(Spears of Glamour) Main Pyro
    S22: UGC Steel(Spears of Glamour) Main Pyro
    S23: UGC Steel(Stardust Crusaders) Main Spy
    S24: UGC Steel(Stardust Crusaders) Main Pyro
    S25: UGC Steel(The Riveters) All-Class Sub
    S26: UGC Main(DBZ: Dokkan Battle) Main Demo
    S27: UGC EU Main(Offensive Behaviour) Main Sniper
    S28: UGC EU Silver(Offensive Behaviour) All-Class Sub
    S1: RGL IM(DuckDuckDuckDuck) Sub
    S2: RGL Open/IM (EdgeGamers/TrainBoys)(Soldier/Heavy Main)
    S3: RGL Main(Loud Noises) Main Pyro
    S4: RGL Main(Outback Fraghouse) Main Engie
    S5: RGL Main(Klowwd9) Multi-Class Sub
    S6: RGL Main(We’re The Rats) Main Pyro

    this is my history

    if given a chance i can play Pyro/Heavy and Medic in Advanced, can add Soldier and Engie to the list if its Main and finally Sniper if its IM. Looking to main thanks in advance

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