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  • Hi im new to RGL and don’t know Where to start? My friend told me about RGL and thought it be fun to try :]

  • @crazyryland Hallo there, welcome!

    There are a couple of different things you can do to start, depending on how much you know about community-based competitive TF2 and your personal preferences.

    1. You can check out the RGL Youtube/Twitch to see some VODs of commentated matches and get an idea of how comp works
    2. You can hop into into impromptu pick-up games (PUGs) to try things out without committing to anything
    3. You can try to look for a Newcomer- or Amateur-level team for the next season of the format you’re interested in, by creating looking-for-team (LFT) posts on the forum, website, and/or Discord and also checking out team leaders’ looking-for-player (LFP) posts – Discord probably gets the most traffic, fwiw.

    PUGs-wise, RGL runs Prolander PUGs on their Discord server which are open to newbies. If you don’t know what Prolander is, it’s one of the three competitive formats that RGL runs – Highlander (HL), sixes, and Prolander.

    • HL is 9v9, one of each class, and plays KOTH, PL, and cp_steel
    • sixes is 6v6, default two Scouts two Soldiers a Demo and a Medic (but allows class-switching for special circumstances), and plays 5CP and KOTH only
    • Prolander is 7v7, max one of each class (and highly encourages class-switching based on the situation), and plays the same map types as HL

    Besides RGL’s official Prolander PUGs, which you can try out by joining the Discord and following the instructions there, there are also newbie sixes PUGs run by http://newbie.tf if that appeals to you more.

  • @scaredy-bat Thank you!

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