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  • Berryville

    Berryville is set to place in a factory setting designed for Highlander and Sixes. It takes inspiration from Ashville, Coalplant, Bagel, and Product.

    This map has been through 2 revamps throughout 2 years.



    Current Version: A20B


    Contact me:

    Discord: Agent 87#4994
    Steam: Profile

  • nice name

  • 20201125151054_1.jpg
    The right side should have a medium health pack and ammo.
    The middle side should have a small health pack and ammo
    The left side is fine.

    The reason I think these should be switched is so that the left side is an equal hold to right side. So one side isn’t completely irrelevant to hold on. After all, who wants to hold on a side with less resources?

  • I heard feedback from a pugger in RGL Prolander experimental pugs today that the midpoint is too open and there’s too many ways to go places, it feels like old Cascade mid and so making it less like old Cascade mid would help a lot. Just passing it on

  • View from BLU Battlements
    View from RED Battlements

    BLU has some extra lighting in the roofed part of that RED does not, making sniping from battlements pretty 1-sided.

  • The map has very little actually wrong with it, but the general structure almost forces play that doesn’t really seem to fit for highlander or prolander. The only suggestions i can give without changing core parts of the map map are making mid a wider and making one side have more cover than the other to build a more flank side vs combo side dynamic. The middle section between spawn and point also has almost no purpose now. imo if it was just removed it nothing on the map would really change. The idea of having that middle section on a koth map is standard, but because of how small the point area feels, it’s just way too big.

  • right now, this map has several things i think could make it way better. it plays very nicely right now but it doesn’t stack up to other staples like product.

    1. distance from spawn to point is VERY far. the intermediate zone, the one i’m looking towards right now, is very very big. rollout and taking spawns are too long as a result. spawn should be moved up imo, 96fb6d7e-fb87-4065-a11f-4ba8e95e3df6-image.png

    2. point is very free/empty and very dm based/dm heavy. imo that means there aren’t really any bad positions on point so defenders are free to play super aggro and can get away with it, backing up to a just as strong position on point. to prevent this i think everything should be tightened up more, made more chokey, especially one of the two routes around point and the “concrete” area i’m looking at here - maybe take cues from new cascade’s concrete. more props everywhere would also help 10980824-cdd8-4ad8-9f16-d164caa48dd9-image.png

    3. ammo placement is still a bit weird. there should be fewer small packs imo and more medium packs

    4. there’s like no height variation on point other than the two roofs, there should be more.

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  • This map would work better as a 6’s map. As an HL map once you hold the point it’s way too easy to forward hold the other team by playing on their side of the point, because you can rotate your team faster than they can rotate with spies just calling every rotation the other team makes.

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