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  • Berryville

    Berryville is set to place in a factory setting designed for Highlander and Sixes. It takes inspiration from Ashville, Coalplant, Bagel, and Product.

    This map has been through 2 revamps throughout 2 years.



    Current Version: A20B


    Contact me:

    Discord: Agent 87#4994
    Steam: Profile

  • nice name

  • 20201125151054_1.jpg
    The right side should have a medium health pack and ammo.
    The middle side should have a small health pack and ammo
    The left side is fine.

    The reason I think these should be switched is so that the left side is an equal hold to right side. So one side isn’t completely irrelevant to hold on. After all, who wants to hold on a side with less resources?

  • I heard feedback from a pugger in RGL Prolander experimental pugs today that the midpoint is too open and there’s too many ways to go places, it feels like old Cascade mid and so making it less like old Cascade mid would help a lot. Just passing it on

  • View from BLU Battlements
    View from RED Battlements

    BLU has some extra lighting in the roofed part of that RED does not, making sniping from battlements pretty 1-sided.

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