LFT IM/Main Sniper, IM Demoman/Scout [S8]

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  • Hi. I’m looking for a team who works well together and will work well together with me. While I am all for self-improvement and getting better at the game, my greater ambitions are to be a part of a team who wants to win their season, and has the confidence to know they can.

    My time in competitive is relatively short, and I can be a bit of a hothead under stress, but I’m sure I can fit well into any team, and even be one of your top fraggers. Out of my classes, I would heavily prefer Sniper. I do not have experience with Scout, but can and will learn fast.

    While I have a relatively busy college life, I’m always available during regular scrim and match times. It is rare for me to prioritize another activity over Highlander.

    RGL HL S6 Newcomer - Sniper - 1st place
    RGL HL S7 Intermediate - Demoman, shotcaller - Playoffs


    Contact me at JimsGims#3811 on Discord

  • I enjoyed his comms and organization as a demo, his sniper dm is insane pick him up on main!!

  • He has excellent DM on all three of these classes and is a dedicated player.

  • chad man. he good, he play ugc wood in season 0

  • This man’s an excellent player and maincaller, pick him up and you won’t be disappointed.

  • god tier demo and sniper. incredible game knowledge and great maincalling. can’t recommend enough.

  • very high dm and can work very well with players would like to see him do well this season worth a tryout

  • EDIT: Currently looking for offers relating to Sniper only; I’ve received enough tryout offers for the other two classes already, but am still primarily looking for a starting position as a Sniper.

    Would have edited the post itself to mention this, but there’s apparently a time limit for editing forum posts for newer users.

    Anyways, here’s a reminder of why water is important to supplement this bump.

  • This guy is a truly clutch sniper, he carried my team in every tryout he played for us. Other circumstances prevented me from picking him up, don’t repeat my mistake and sleep on him

  • DOUBLE EDIT: I’ve been picked up by a team since yesterday, so not looking for any more tryouts. Thanks to those who reached out to me since I posted this. Feel free to ring me on sniper.

    Sorry if this bump ends up looking like I’m looking for more offers 😕

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