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  • Looking for:
    Any team or teammates that are willing to be respectful and work to improve. I would want to be on a team that is likely to win their division. I am hoping to play either Sniper or Demoman in Main, as they are the classes I have experience with and the classes I am most comfortable with. I am also willing to play in IM on either of these classes, although I’d ideally like a more experienced team if that is the case. Otherwise, I am also very interested in learning a new class. Since there will obviously be a bit of a learning curve I think the ideal spot for me would be IM or AM, depending on the class. I have at least some experience in Highlander on every class.

    ETF2L HL S1 - Open - Sniper
    RGL HL S6 - Newcomer - Demoman - Mistigris Team Leader - First Place
    RGL HL S7 - Intermediate - Sniper - The Team Leader - Playoff Contenders

    Available pretty much all day every day. 8:30s can sometimes be harder to make, however I have a flexible schedule and prioritize Highlander over other things.

    grey#2625 on Discord

  • pick them up!! grey is a real sweetheart who takes their improvement seriously, as well as helping others out, including teammates! they’re always looking to improve, and having them on your team not only secures a consistent player, but a lovely friend ♪( ´▽`)

  • Pick them up on sniper, they have really good aim and also have incredible dm, can win SvS :))))))), please give them a home in main

  • They are dedicated and patient, a fast learner who will put in 110%, and every bit as flexible with multiclassing as they say. I am grateful to have played two season with them.

  • From my experiences playing with this person, they’re pretty reliable, fun to play with/be around, and will improve constantly for as long as they play. If you don’t pick them up, you’re only doing a disservice to yourself.

  • real good demo or sniper, improved alot through the season.

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