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  • I am not 100% sure what I am doing next season, so here goes!

    Looking for:
    Teammates/a team ethos that will prioritize improvement, respect, and commitment to trying your best and challenging yourself even when the going gets tough.

    Three seasons of Engineer: S6 NC first place, S7 IM playoffs, and S8 Advanced playoffs. Co-led two seasons but not planning to make any teams.

    Definitely available Saturdays/Sundays; I am intending to try a full Prolander season, so Mondays will be taken during the PL season; Fridays are negotiable. Current availability (updated as I go): https://pastebin.com/raw/TUGPbZPh

    DM rekabet#2134 on Discord.

  • owner of a huge brain and drive to improve and just an incredible attitude in general

  • jesus christ i cannot recommend this person enough. they are so kind and respectful, and do so much for their team. i picked them up randomly in newcomer and ended up making them a co-leader. they get all logs and demo reviews posted within an hour of each scrim happening. they make the discord server look tidy. they record all demo reviews and upload them. they organize the scrim schedules. they are literally everything you could want. not to mention they have great game sense and they frequently practice and improve with their dm skills.

  • Keeps a lot of things organized and is extremely open to critique and improvement. Kindest engie everrRRrrrrrrr. AHhhHHH give them a try!1!!!

  • If I do not see this person on a team next season, you’ve made a big mistake. They are responsible if given a leadership position, they’re fun to be around, and they’re supportive to anyone and everyone. Put them in your team for next season and you won’t be sorry.

  • Thinks real hard about engie, and has a lot of long late night theory discussions with me. A good pickup if you want a smart engie with a drive to improve (you want a smart engie with a drive to improve).

  • wow. pick them up. look at all these people saying to pick them up. I think you should pick them up. I don’t think too much, but I think that they are very nice, have a desire to improve, and are easily good enough to play in main.

  • biggest brain engie in IM this past season, committed to improvement.

  • certified gamer… also really nice.

  • have a very open mindset and can adapt to almost any situation def worth a tryout

  • One season closes and another’s silhouette looms faintly in the fog. GG to Katryna and co.; it’s time for LFTs once more!

  • pick up very fun and very nice to be around! Will keep mentalities up

  • @Lasky said in LFT - S9 - Main/Adv - Engineer:

    Thinks real hard about engie, and has a lot of long late night theory discussions with me. A good pickup if you want a smart engie with a drive to improve (you want a smart engie with a drive to improve).

    When I posted this, they thought they’d end up in main. They joined an advanced qualifier team and didn’t expect much, but they did super well. They not only made it through qualifiers with their team, but they flourished in advanced. Give them another season or two and we’re looking at a solid challenger engie. Beyond that, there’s incredible potential here. I’m incredibly proud of their development as a player. This person is gonna keep climbing and climbing. Pick them up immediately.

  • @Lasky I just want to add on to this, watching their development over the past few seasons has been incredible and it warms my heart to see them at such a high level now, even higher than my own. They are incredibly smart, patient, and always overlooking the team to care for everyone’s needs. Cannot recommend this player enough, please someone pick them up.

  • Very brainy engi with a lot of very good leading skills. 🙂

    sucks at poker but thats ok

  • their involvement in the community is incredible, and they can get along with anyone. I literally cannot go somewhere RGL-related without seeing esca/reka being active within the forums, with other teams, servers, et cetera.

    gameplay-wise, they’ve massively improved and it feels like they’ve never stopped trying to find ways to improve upon mechanical and mental skills.

    will make ANY team better, and thats a positive that’s usually thrown about with these LFT comments/posts, but this person is imo the only person to deserve that positive comment.

  • rekabet is one of the most dedicated individuals i’ve ever met. they put so much time and effort into not only improving themselves, but asking how to improve for the benefit of the team.

    please try them out, they will not disappoint.

  • This person is a treasure to be around, play with, talk to, and generally have as a friend. From the moment I encountered them they improved our team morale and gameplay together. Countless nights of map reviews and demo reviews showed me that this person has the dedication to improve, and throughout the season they have become a fearsome engineer. Beyond any of the gameplay shit I can say though, rek is genuinely one of the nicest and smartest people I have ever met in this community. They deserve to be on a successful team that respects each other, and if you see this post as a team leader and want to have a good season and need an engineer, you would be a complete idiot not to try rek out. Thanks for an amazing season rek, I know we honestly couldn’t have made it as far as we did without you.

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