No longer LFT - S8 - IM/Main - Engineer

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  • Time to try new things.

    Looking for:
    Teammates/a team ethos that will prioritize improvement, respect, and commitment to trying your best and challenging yourself even when the going gets tough.

    Two seasons of Engineer (S6 NC first place and S7 IM playoffs). Co-led both, but looking forward to a break from that side of things.

    Will be open during all of the normal scrim times.

    DM requiescas#2134 on Discord.~~

  • owner of a huge brain and drive to improve and just an incredible attitude in general

  • jesus christ i cannot recommend this person enough. they are so kind and respectful, and do so much for their team. i picked them up randomly in newcomer and ended up making them a co-leader. they get all logs and demo reviews posted within an hour of each scrim happening. they make the discord server look tidy. they record all demo reviews and upload them. they organize the scrim schedules. they are literally everything you could want. not to mention they have great game sense and they frequently practice and improve with their dm skills.

  • Keeps a lot of things organized and is extremely open to critique and improvement. Kindest engie everrRRrrrrrrr. AHhhHHH give them a try!1!!!

  • If I do not see this person on a team next season, you’ve made a big mistake. They are responsible if given a leadership position, they’re fun to be around, and they’re supportive to anyone and everyone. Put them in your team for next season and you won’t be sorry.

  • Thinks real hard about engie, and has a lot of long late night theory discussions with me. A good pickup if you want a smart engie with a drive to improve (you want a smart engie with a drive to improve).

  • wow. pick them up. look at all these people saying to pick them up. I think you should pick them up. I don’t think too much, but I think that they are very nice, have a desire to improve, and are easily good enough to play in main.

  • biggest brain engie in IM this past season, committed to improvement.

  • certified gamer… also really nice.

  • have a very open mindset and can adapt to almost any situation def worth a tryout

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