Ultiduo Furnace

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  • Furnace is set it a Australium refinery with RED and BLU fighting over control of the only furnace. It’s a relatively small, fast-paced ultiduo map with little to distract from the gameplay.

    Feel free to download the latest version and play with your friends or create a pug filled with random players. All criticism is appreciated and welcome!

    The map is still in alpha, so bear with me when I say that there’s no furnace just yet, but it’ll be there soon!

    Current Version: a6

    Note: While the current version is shown above, I would also recommend downloading version a4b as well due to it being rotational symmetry (as opposed to the normal mirrored symmetry) and being considered almost a complete different map in my eyes. I will most likely create a different map using the layout shown in a4b.

  • respawn times are super duper long and distract from the fast-paced nature of the map. pls make them shorter.

  • @kasper Ive been told that and im working on posting an a6 that fixes this.

  • Made version a6 which speeds up the cap time and the spawn times.

  • Created version a7a, which includes water in front of the lower spawn doors to make jumping up on top of the nipple point easier. Coming out with version a7b soon, which might make adding the water to the map not as “bad”.

  • Version a7b is out (forgot to update this thred for a while).

    Changes include different orientation of the lower spawn doors to be on the side wall instead of facing straight at the point. Area including water is much smaller and further away from the point, making it harder to bomb, then immediately back out.

    The only way I could think of making this version better would be to add a roof to block players from escaping after jumping in with a water jump. Though, it would be hard to make the water inaccessible to falling players as well as not blocking players trying to jump out.

    I would like some feedback on this version, specifically on if the water should stay as well as if the orientation of the lower spawn door feels better to play around. Let me know what you think!

  • I like the side door addition instead of both doors facing point. I also enjoy the water addition, though it made me realize how fucking high the skybox is–even for an ultiduo map. I look forward to playing more of this map in the future!

  • Version a8 is hot off the presses!

    Worked on this version for the past couple of days trying to fix what was wrong with version a7b. I think I’ve done a good job of making the map a little more fun.

    The download for the map is linked above and please give me any feedback you can if you decide to play it!

  • Version a9 is out! Was pretty excited for this version, finished it in almost a single day of work. Changes can be read in the update post here https://tf2maps.net/downloads/furnace.10496/updates
    Hope anyone who tries it enjoys! Make sure to give me some feedback if possible, if you decide to actually play it!

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