Ultiduo Furnace

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  • Furnace is set it a Australium refinery with RED and BLU fighting over control of the only furnace. It’s a relatively small, fast-paced ultiduo map with little to distract from the gameplay.

    Feel free to download the latest version and play with your friends or create a pug filled with random players. All criticism is appreciated and welcome!

    The map is still in alpha, so bear with me when I say that there’s no furnace just yet, but it’ll be there soon!

    Current Version: a6

    Note: While the current version is shown above, I would also recommend downloading version a4b as well due to it being rotational symmetry (as opposed to the normal mirrored symmetry) and being considered almost a complete different map in my eyes. I will most likely create a different map using the layout shown in a4b.

  • respawn times are super duper long and distract from the fast-paced nature of the map. pls make them shorter.

  • @kasper Ive been told that and im working on posting an a6 that fixes this.

  • Made version a6 which speeds up the cap time and the spawn times.

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