Bum LFT s8 heavy/engi ADV

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  • Hey all, I Don’t think ive gone LFT on the forums well, ever, so I thought I’d put my name in the pot. I have several seasons of experience playing at the top of main, although never with any deep playoff runs. i am not super interested in playing main again unless its my friends or on a high impact class
    experience :
    ugc season 22 steel : 4-4
    ugc season 23 silver : rr on SHIT 11-4
    ugc season 24 silver: 3-5
    ugc season 25 silver: 4-4 RIP kramer fan club
    RGL season 1 main: 4-4 sub on IBKC
    RGL season 3 im: 9-1 1st place
    RGL season 4 main: 4-3 (0-1)
    RGL season 5 main: 5-2 (0-2)
    RGL season 6 main: 7-0 (0-1)
    RGL season 7 main (current): 5-2

    Feel free to leave comments positive or negative, id love to hear them : )

  • i think bum can get a little mad sometimes and he can also be a bit of a troll on cp_steel engie but i think bum deserves a good team. free him from silver jail

  • butt‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

  • Bumping, prefer heavy or engi still, out of playoffs can tryout

  • Bum has plenty of experience and gamesense to play either Engie to heavy in adv. solid pickup for any team

  • few decent humans left in this game, bum is one of them
    hes good at heavy and engi, open to criticism, and often is the scapegoat.
    give him a shot, he deserves it.

  • if you are short and dont want to be the shortest person pick him up

    he is good and can be a genuinely good person tho, got some skill to back it up as well

  • Bump, got some days open this weekend and next HMU

  • i enjoyed playing with this gamer last season. an adv team wouldn’t go wrong with him on engie

  • genuinely a cool and fun dude to hang out with, and with plenty of skill as well. Pick this gamer up

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