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  • Picked up by a team

    Hey, my name is Kaiju and I’m looking to join an IM team for season 5 as Scout (Pocket or Flank).

    I have three amateur season in 6s and several other in other formats. I’ve been playing the game since Uber Update

    If you would like to try me out please let me know:

    Discord: JunkKaiju#1500

  • like i said on the hl post which was deleted, this man frags on scout. always a reliable teammate who is never toxic and always on time for scrims and officials

  • Nutty Scout player with insane DM and game sense. Always looking to improve at his game and truly a team player. Pick this man up for your team.

  • don’t be fooled by the 6s s4 - was consistently the DM carry for a no scrim team, as well as being the DM carry on scout for highlander for a proper, high IM HL team

    this guy is an absolute monster on scout and is consistently looking to improve and support his team wherever he can - pick him up

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