LFT s8

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  • Hi I would mainly like to play spy in invite again I had a lot of fun doing so. I’m willing to give it my all and try to improve more this season. I can communicate well and coordinate plays with the team. Pretty inconsistent but with more refining and a good team I think I can bring a lot to the table.

    I also wouldn’t mind offclassing in adv: sniper, scout, demo, solly

  • i’ve known austin for like 8 years now and he has always given HL his all

    ungodly spy and sniper player with the flexibility to play pretty much any other class at a decently high level

    willing to take constructive criticism, willing to communicate with his team to make plays, willing to take personal Ls to ensure his team wins games

    you can’t ask for more in a player imo

  • this guy has stabbed me more than any spy i’ve ever fought against
    one of my best friends ❤

  • beast…

  • the home since day one. is finally out of sniper jail and ready to show it all off on spy. the best team player ever and is extremely dedicated to the game.

  • bump pls try me out.

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