LFT advanced heavy or medic

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  • i have played demo in advanced/ a bit of invite for a while, but I feel like I have been stagnating. i want to play a different combo class with a team that works hard.

  • Made major steps this season.

    I will say this, wxy has really just been goofing on players in ways that just made it harder for himself his whole career.
    The fact that he can play demo at an invite level with the way he has played is astonishing, no other demo can reach his level if they played like wxy does lol. Might sound condescending but I told him the same thing and he agrees so fuck off if someone tries to tell me that.

    Now that he has committed to improving his game sense the ceiling for this player is immeasurably high. Fat pickup, even on med and heavy. WXY has moments of just pure brain, I have seen him 1 v 5 ppl on demo and win. Like when he gets it right its just perfection. The reason I want to play with him every season.

  • cracked demo, solid on the other classes i’ve seen him play; deserves a good team

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