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  • RGL Forum Events

    On the RGL forums, Events can be created and added to our calendar by creating forum threads with the event embed. This allows us to have different ways for events to be organized and sorted while also allowing users to be able to comment on the events themselves through normal forum discussion.

    Our events Also have built in sorting features that allow you to see the events organized by days, weeks, or months, and even look forward or backward in time to future or previous events.

    Our events also include a confirmation system, which allows users to say if they are going to participate or not in a cast, and will even display the list of confirmed users. Users that confirm that they will be participating in an event will also receive an notification when an event begins.

    Event Format guidelines

    This section is under construction

    All Events will be color coded to match the forum category they originate from. The “RGl Casts & Streams” is orange and the events from this forum will always appear orange to match it.

    Events will also be named in a way so its easy to tell what it is. All events should start with the name of the organization casting it, the season number, the region, the format, followed by the match that is being casted.
    Here are a few examples below:

    • RGL - s7 NA Highlander- Kids Next Door vs Man Crush Monday
    • RGL - s2 NA Trad. Sixes - Froyotech vs MyAnimelist
    • TeamfortressTV - s4 NA NR Sixes - Baconators vs Impossible Burgers
    • EssentialsTF - s9 NA Prolander - Froyotech vs The Mayo Band

    The names of the format and teams should directly reflect how it appears on the RGL website. Here is a list of current RGL formats.

    • NA Highlander
    • NA Trad. Sixes
    • NA Prolander

    The name of the forum posts should also reflect this, except the name of the organization is not needed due to it being already sorted.

    How to create an Event

    The creation of Events are restricted to RGL and other casting organizations that are recognized and approved via the RGL global rulebook.

    To create an event, you just need to create a new thread in your respective forum and click on the calendar icon. This will open a popup form that you will fill out which will create the event embed.

    alt text
    alt text

    For the title of the event, please be sure to follow our event Guidelines as mentioned earlier.

    Next you can set the dates and times for your events. Try to be as accurate as you can when determining the timeframe of your event, so it can appear properly on the calendar.

    For the location, you can put the link to the cast.

    For Information, you should describe your event. You should include any relevant information such as a the production staff, the casters themselves, or writeups as you feel necessary. This is the section you should use the most to your advantage. I would also encourage you to directly link to the casters forum profile using the ‘@’.

    Example: @Aad

    Do not mark your event as mandatory!

    Next you can set additional reminders for important events such as grand finals.

    Next you can set the event to repeat, however we do not suggest you do this unless the event is exactly the same. This will also tie those future events discussion to this thread.

    Here is what our event looks like after it is created:

    alt text
    alt text

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