Favorite Teammates? The Sequel

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  • Weiner, Snoodles, San Antonio, Sand, Fordo, Rairai, Cutimus, Townze, Spu, Willy, Lay, Austin, and Dowd were my favorites from the seasons i’ve played.

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  • v…vTribes, v…v TheGreat_mage,

  • Cutimus, Illum, Ryuk, wxy, kumora, geen, kasper, sully

  • In order of when I played with them:

    Grizz (UGC S12) - He literally got me into competitive, if it wasn’t for him I would of probably never entered UGC. He quit a long time ago, but he’s still one of my best friends and we still talk.

    Jarrett (UGC S13) - I can’t stress this enough, this guy has single handedly carried teams to grand finals, and is largely responsible for KNDs early success. He is a phenomenal demo, teammate, and friend. In earlier and even current seasons, he has taught me so much about the game and how to play it. I am extremely lucky to have been able to play with him for as many seasons as I have.

    Giraffe (UGC S14) - A lot of people who have played with Giraffe will tell you he is a very stubborn person to play with, and can make the game unfun. I also had a similar experience and even clashed with him when I played with him, but I can’t forget that he is a large part of my growth as a player. I think I improved as a TF2 player a lot in the season I played with Giraffe, he helped me become a spy who communicates and coordinates and I’m not entirely sure I’d be the player I am without him.

    Kresnik (UGC S18) - One of the most kind hearted and genuine person I’ve ever met. He was a great team leader for KND in UGC, and a lot of the things he told us as a leader I try and incorporate with my teams. He knew how toxic a team can be when they just expect wins, he created an environment that made everyone still fight hard to win, and earn it. It’s not easy and even I slip up sometimes today, it’s good to have someone on your team that serves as a constant reminder that winning isn’t handed to you.

    Bowl (UGC S25, RGL S1, RGL S2) - I list three seasons for Bowl because this was slower to develop. Actual core KND died in UGC S18 when Kresnik stopped leading it. There were KND teams between S19 and S22 but they were led by Ender and Etney and never really had the same core roster. I took over leading in S25 and for three seasons I played with Bowl on demo.

    I was finally able to take what I’ve learned from people (Jarrett, Giraffe, Kresnik) I’ve played with in the past and try to incorporate it into my own team, and without Bowl I don’t think I would of been able to do it. Bowl hasn’t been the greatest community member when it comes to behavior but I don’t think there is anyone more passionate about winning and improving. He helped keep me under control when I felt like things were collapsing, or when I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job. When I didn’t feel like working that hard his desire and drive to play kept me invested and made me continue to work as hard as I did.

    There are plenty of other people I’ve loved playing with but in terms of people who have helped develop me as a player, this is the list.

  • TheMexican, agb, avian, nooph, Jsix. Also all of s3 o.W.n

  • r4bbit, rock0, TheMexican, Stocking, Kegaman, SN, tua

  • Yeye
    -Feeds me quality sandwich ❤
    -Extremely skilled at every class
    -Coolest jumper I have ever seen
    -Been on Team Yeye since Day 1

    -Oldest friend on tf2
    -Never tilted before
    -Forces him to give comms
    -Forces him to play on Team Yeye since Day 1

    -Quality gamer
    -First match on the team, he played as pyro while bring drunk and went 0-5, picked him up immediately as demo 🙂
    -Been on Team Yeye since our 1st season

    -The one and only beast and best solly 🙂
    -Will remain in Yeye jail ❤

    -Forced to play on Team Yeye for two seasons
    -Will continue to remain in Yeye jail (he must be happy)

    -Mentored our team since we were babies in newcomer S6
    -Literally spent hours doing map reviews, demo reviews, and even individual class reviews
    -Most dedicated mentor and a hella great person & gamer!
    -Now is in Team Yeye jail ❤

  • Yohnnybwaii – Teammate I’ve played with the most and has always been super nice and dedicated.

    I really like playing with pretty much anyone from my UGC S29 team tbh. They’re all important to me.

  • Karl: i know this kinda seems bad and he’s done very shitty things in the past but without him i wouldn’t be here without him. Him and Deaftjoe are the reason i got my shot from being a low platinum pyro to high platinum. Literally gave me a shot and i proved to him, myself, and people who’ve doubted me i can do whatever i set my mind to.

    Dimento: I have to give this man props, he for real dealt with my emotional gameplay and out of game issues. He believed in me and even when we had our own beefs we still got shit done. A hilarious yet caring yet sarcastic individual that i genuinely enjoyed playing with and love watching play, thanks jacob for everything bro.

    Season 18 UGC Silver 3rd Place team MITCHELL LEWIS: Every one of these players made me realize i didn’t need to try to impress everyone and after unfortunately getting cut / backstabbed by my previous team, i found out what a true team is, that whole season was a blast playing with them. Everyone on the main roster were the most fun, genuine, hilarious, and kind individuals ive ever played with. I even met the medic for that team back in 2016, crazy man it’s been so long. Overall i hope everyone from that team is doing well and amazing things.

    Pravus: He always believed in me and one of my oldest / longest tf2 friends i’ve had. He always was awesome to pub and play 6s with and it’s insane he’s still around not playing tf2 but kicking it irl. i miss you bro i hope you doing great.

    Bowl: he’s basically me if i were a demo main. Most dedicated player i’ve met that was thirsty to win. His behavior out of game is wild i will not lie but when he tries, HE TRIES.

    Kasper: you have so much potential i see big things for you man. Even though unfortunately i got cut i know you’ll do amazing things irl and in tf2, Keep going bro. your dedication and willingness to improve on giraffe highlander showed how much you are willing to be the best, (your ego is massive rn while reading this) O B E Y

    also a shoutout to people who i proved wrong, couldn’t of done it without ya 😘

  • cutimus; a genuinely great guy and good teammate
    wxy; cracked demo and chill person overall
    guildknightnub; incredibly nice guy and solid medic
    illum; really smart player and leader
    jerrrrr; insane medic and great teammate (no fear)

  • Only been playing for two months or so

    I never really talk to anyone outside of scrims,

    But I really enjoy playing with Whalemart, Figsy, and…Saturation.

    I’ve only known you guys for a very short amount of time and we never speak.
    But nevertheless, I enjoy being on a team with them. I like nice people, what can I say?

    🙂 🤠

  • in no particular order:

    Lee: Great player with a mindset of “improvement first, winning will come in time.” Every match, scrim, and pug with her is always fun.

    Constantly: I only played on one team with him, but this guy radiates positive energy no matter what, its insane. Dude could have just dropped uber and caused an L and still have the positive outlook.

    DolphiN: Its weird to play on a team with a guy who does so much for the community and is almost known for being a “silent” type, but he made the prolander cup a blast while juggling all of the RGL casting responsibilities.

    LazyPurple: Haha, funny YouTube man. But genuinely, this guy was a blast to have on my team in S7, even if we did poorly, he would still have something to say that would pull the mental of the team out of the gutter. Even after he left the team after we didn’t make playoffs, we stayed in touch and he’s genuinely one of the kindest individuals I think I have ever met.

    Jimbob: Oh, Jimbob.

    special shoutouts to everyone on the VS S7 & S8 teams too, they’re all great people in their own right

  • marble: been a friend for years now
    parsuh: been a friend of mine before i made my current steam account
    FISHy: can take the game seriously while keeping it casual, been a friend for a while thats been there for me
    bum: real one
    zbra: he should main spy again that would be funny
    loxic: favorite pyro, nothing else needed
    hew: homie

  • The one and only
    SCOTT From Brazil

  • fallen lord - undisputed GOAT
    alto - other than fallen the closest friend i have from tf2, also the person i’ve played on teams with the most
    miggy - may he rest eternally in peace. love you stephen
    sovereign - starcraft sundays?
    purge, jay, messiah - all handsome and incredibly beautiful
    shylo, juggernaut, gollywobbler, merc - best tf2 team i’ve ever been on
    uni wizard - the 5 ping legend
    micah - best drip in the game

    not luigi because he keeps sending among us memes

  • dusk4_: telepathic sniper picks
    pyrokinesis: underrated
    technomo: thunderstorm jail warden
    billy boy -gt-: thunderstorm prisoner
    koolaidalan: will always been steel jesus to me
    bliztank: pythagorean meetup revival when?
    rosie: finessed some dude for items by pretending to be a girl for an entire season
    freakshw (mxr): Cheating - 2nd Offense (freakpugs 4 life) (no scope script legend)
    vermin: pull up
    mr gnu: napalm sticks to kids unelected dictator
    bird bro: lyme disease survivor
    futuretrunks: left after getting kicked out of his parents house for smoking some of the devil’s lettuce
    que: puerto rican weed addict who showed me a bunch of dope music which almost made up for his average 120 dpm on koth scout

    i think thats everyone

  • adam

  • Dope, spu, pablo, carcin, shotaway, eX. Hunter, exile, tgw, bffl, fuzion

  • grynn, chocc, voyager, wubs, dt, swish, patches, tua, chad420 in that order

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