Favorite Teammates? The Sequel

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  • Who are your favorite teammates?

    I only have like two real seasons of competitive that I didn’t roster ride on so far.

    TAX FRAUD: My Scuffed As Fuck Prolander Team
    RubberDubber333: One of my first pickups that stayed through the entire season.
    Flint: Good friend, and also just a good teammate overall that also stayed through the entire season of TAX FRAUD.
    HopelessSituation: Chill medic, that somehow enjoyed playing Prolander seriously.
    Larry: We were missing a Pyro, and he came in clutch and decided he wanted to play as a main for my team. Saved my team team. Also a great hype man.
    83: Best player on my team. Beast Sniper. Pick this man up when he goes LFT again.
    3 Rats on a Keyboard: The most dedicated player on my Prolander team. Attended every map review, scrim, and match whenever he possibly could. Great guy.
    ckrow: Great at the game, and a good sub.
    Blizz/Varig: I forgot to tell him to roster on the team, but I still love him.

    Good Manners: Current Highlander Team
    Acadium: Awesome Soldier, fun to talk to and play with.
    Ridge: My current Highlander leader, he’s a nice guy.

  • I’ll give a few shoutouts. Not mentioning the exact team/seasons because it all blends together. Some of these people aren’t in TF2 anymore but I appreciate them none the less.

    El Asso: the mainstay demo of the FITH team, reliable, loves dogs.
    Sheerspector: injected a lot of chaos into my life.
    Bliztank: quoted relevant passages from The Art of War.
    Dreadshot: all around great sniper and great guy.
    Yotts: Let me name a team “Yotts’ Thotts”

    Also shout out to everyone who tried NR6s with me, that was an interesting experience.

  • ill give some shoutouts too, here we go

    Rikuus: probably my oldest comp friend, got me into the scene
    Darzie: actually one of the nicest people ive met, period. i dont think ive med a kinder soul before or since.
    Rachel Quinn: another OG friend, always great to have around : )
    Salad Snek: mans at chilis
    Clio: dudes actually the homie, always around when i need life advice, great friend
    Bliztank: dudes always been the homie, always an interesting character to have around
    Jas: ive known this man forever, i always enjoy shitposting with him
    Brick HugHouse: the OG mentor, one of my oldest tf2 friends, cannot respect enough the fact that he sticks his neck out for me, and got me into some ok i guess tv shows

  • I miss paals. 😞

  • idk if this guys still plays competitive but i gotta shout out zealot (zealotsthename)
    complete homie, taught me how to rocket jump when i was a baby
    and everyone else on my original NR6s/prolander teams you know who you are

  • everyone im currently teamed with is cool. if i had to give some notable shouts, then…

    mercy: first captain i played with, they’re pretty cool and chill. good medic too.
    stanvord: stan’s the man
    gk: carries me
    platy/kastaling: cool dudes, might play with them next time

    pretty much everyone else on renegade sunrise or my first team

  • lansky and habib

  • sonny, american, pearl, robin, drunk uncle, emibug, keith, lavableman.

  • hyphen, velt, mae AND EVERYONE ON SOMEBODY HELP!! 🙂

  • the entirety of invision and net graph

  • gobi, illegal, dew it

  • exile wile chinatown carcin blake

  • Constantly, Luigi, Cyclowns

  • The entire Dojo Team this season probably the most fun I’ve had competitively ever

    Every guy on that team is amazing could not ask for a better team

    Cutimus, Rairai, Dowd, Willy, Lay, Spu, Austin, Theo

  • my favorite teammate was agb

  • I’ve enjoyed being with everyone I’ve played with on Never Knows Best and Frat House
    But I gotta shoutout in particular:
    Bliztank – always energetically talking about tf2, strats, and great for me to be awkward around!
    jekjekj – always here for a good time, and just wants others to have fun as well. Has not tilted a scrim or match even once. I’m still sorry for failing that double kill in among us 😞
    Kami – for somehow ending up on the same team as me every season since s19 and still being a great guy to play with!

  • I have made so many friends playing this game that keeps me coming back season after season.

    Shooting blanks: jerr, neum, chris
    Sfea: civ, dooter, rebel
    Oilspill: homeless, spotlight, cheetez
    turbo alcoholics: b_red, capekid, rue, deadpixel
    ring whalemart: kasper, funky, Lorelulu
    nkb: jekjek, voosh, cloudshade

  • lucki, FISHy, Teats, homeless, and everyone on Single Drop/fridge
    love u fellas

  • I started Highlander last season and have met some amazing new people through it.

    We Comm In Google Hangouts:
    Early - An absolute chad of a scout/demo player with a great aura of positivity.
    Bear - Chill guy with an amazing sense of humor. 10/10 would have late scrims again so this guy can make a freaking homemade pizza.
    Isllama - He’s a cringe nae nae baby but absolutely a joy to be around.
    JunkKaiju - Wonderful person to play with and such an amazing teammate to play combo with. I will press W with this man no matter what.
    Paprika - I have never seen this man not in good spirits and his silliness is unmatched. Still waiting on him to wrangle jump drop the med though.
    Vibeisveryo - This memey medicine man is a chad gamer who must be protected. Don’t ask him about 2 kgs though.
    shmerps - This guy is the sole reason the meme channel on our team server is so cursed. Irreplaceable gamer.
    snaetos - Actually a legend who focuses on enjoyment with the team and improving. Outside of that he is a passionate memelord. 10/10 would get spammed with memes at 2 am again.

    Need for Feed:
    Literally everyone on that team.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Nimbus - A chad of a fellow heavy main who I hold a great deal of respect for and look up to.
    birbee - One of the main motivators for getting me into Highlander and helped me realize my main.
    Carcalilly - Another motivator in helping me join Highlander and find a team. We gotta do another season of RSP together.

  • joey lemons for not cutting me

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