LFT Pyro/Scout Adv, Engie Invite

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  • I have had my fun on the Engineer class once again, so I’d like to get back into offclassing in Advanced.

    Season 5 I played Pyro for the first time on Home Depot in Adv and got 3rd
    Season 6 I played Heavy for the first time on Femboy Hooters in Adv and got 3rd

    I’d like to play pyro again, I also wouldn’t mind trying playing scout, although keep in mind I’ve never played scout in HL before. Despite this fact I’m a quick learner and did well on both pyro and pootis in those two seasons.

    I could TRY other classes, but I’m certain that the only classes I can do well at are Pyro, Heavy, and Scout.

    I wouldn’t mind playing Engineer again, but I’d only be interested in playing for a guaranteed Invite team. I’m not interested in playing Engineer in Adv when I can play something else more fun.

    Discord: Grynn#1111
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ShockwaveOnSteam/

  • grynn has epic morale and singlehandedly held femboy hooters together in s6
    i think we would’ve been dead week 1 if it wasn’t for him
    open to improvement, criticism, trying new strategies, etc
    i haven’t seen him on pyro, but his pootis and knowledge of the video game is rather good


  • He’s alright

  • good player and teammate

  • Baits for frags 🤡

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