LFT Engineer S8 Main/Low Advance

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  • I currently have about 400 Hours as Engineer. I have played for We Comm in Google Hangouts in Season 6 getting 2nd place in Amateur, and Need for Feed in Season 7 which at the time of this post is in third place in IM. I do like to think my skills as Engineer can be good enough for low Advance but I would also be willing to join a Main Team if I can’t make it on an Advanced one. I am still a student in college so weekdays I may be more iffy (Though I will for sure keep nights I am needed open)


    You can also add me on Discord at Paprika#7066

  • Erectin a dispenser. In my 2 seasons playing with pap we’ve never had to critique him much cuz he already knows what to do 🙂

  • Pogrika is an amazingly reliable engineer player who only cares about supporting the team in every way imaginable. In all the time I’ve played with him he has always been consistent and dependable. Also he lets me take the tele as fat man and that makes me happy 🙂

  • Very friendly teammate that was reliable in game and for scrims/officials. Can barely think of a time they were late or toxic if they ever even were.

  • Paprika is a guy who improves really fast. He knows how to do his job well and to keep comms as clean as possible. And sometime if you’re lucky you get to see him drop the med on KOTH maps.

  • Extremely reliable engi with good gamesense, excellent both at area denial engi and at utility engi for pl and koth, doesn’t clutter comms but makes comms at the right times. he’s always willing to go the extra mile to support teammates wherever necessary - pick him up!

  • I realized my name was incorrect as I changed it for Halloween but never changed it back. It is now Paprika#7066 again.

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