LFT S8 Heavy/Engineer Adv/Main

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  • Past exp:

    Multiple seasons at UGC 3+ years ago as Engineer.
    S6 - waifuworld - Main - Heavy and team leader.
    S7 - Yeye - Main - Subbing Pyro/Engineer as well as ringing for multiple teams throughout the season.

    These are the classes I’m interested in playing, can also play Spy/Sniper if needed. I’m an SA player, so keep that in mind.
    Contact me at kritik#9295.

  • put this dude on a good team hes fantastic player tried out for his team in preseason s7 hes hands down good at what he does and a very enjoyable person to talk to


  • Bumping this thread, looking for more options.

  • please get kritik on a good team. this guy is really cool and has rang for my team a few times and enjoyed playing with him when he did

  • Bump, potentially looking for more options. Will prefer Engineer and Sniper over other classes. (can’t edit my main post)
    Found a team, thanks for the tryouts everyone.

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