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  • @Kodyn said in Qixalite North America Server Trial:

    @lampin we found Iowa was a more central location than Chicago providing more even ping between West and East coast. Although we can easily provide locations that cater only to West and East coast players as well as adding more central locations to allow players to have more choice on where they play.

    Possible Locations We Can Support:

    • Chicago
    • Oregon
    • Salt Lake City
    • Las Vegas
    • Los Angeles
    • Iowa
    • Montreal
    • Toronto
    • North Virginia
    • S Carolina
    • Dallas
    • Miami
    • New Jersey
    • Seattle
    • Silicon Valley

    It might be more central geographically, but traffic routes better through chicago. From my oregon VPS to a random chicago tf2 server its 56 ping vs ~62 ping to your iowa data center. From most people in the central/east coast region, their traffic is going through chicago on the way to iowa anyhow(adding about 10 ping).

  • @lampin our ping tests from our western locations like Oregon, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas showed a ping variation of 3 - 6 between Iowa and Chicago, where Iowa on Oregon, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles on average had 2 - 3 better ping to Iowa (which in reality is marginal).

    However, our eastern locations like Montreal and North Virginia had a ping difference of around 8 - 12 between Iowa and Chicago, where no doubt Chicago came up as the clear winner for our Eastern Locations for the exception of South Carolina.

    Again, we are looking at sourcing Chicago servers as the next step. The main reason for the initial release to Iowa is because our current provider already had the infrastructure to support the location, so we deployed there first.

  • I just want to point out, that none of you are allowed to cry over an increase of 10 ping until you have played on ping higher than 100 consistently.

  • I might be able to hook you up with a Detroit location if thats something you’re interested in. Don’t see a reason over Chicago, but more options never hurt.

  • At the request of individuals wanting us to expand our exclusive server location range to more unique areas. Effective immediately we have opened locations at Oregon, Los Angeles, Montreal, North Virginia and South Carolina under our current provider.

    We are working on expanding our central locations by finding a provider for both Dallas and Chicago. Currently, these locations are undergoing testing before we are comfortable with releasing them into our trial batch.

  • why do the rgl configs on your servers follow nonstandard rgl config names? just curious - not a huge deal, but idk if it’d interfere with the rgl comp fixes plugins and the updater and all that

    since the standards are rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1 rgl_HL_koth_bo5 rgl_7s_stopwatch etc. but you seem to use rgl/6s_standard_h1 rgl/hl_koth_bo5 etc.

  • @vibeisveryo said in Qixalite North America Server Trial:

    why do the rgl configs on your servers follow nonstandard rgl config names? just curious - not a huge deal, but idk if it’d interfere with the rgl comp fixes plugins and the updater and all that

    since the standards are rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1 rgl_HL_koth_bo5 rgl_7s_stopwatch etc. but you seem to use rgl/6s_standard_h1 rgl/hl_koth_bo5 etc.

    We manage multiple leagues all at once and the updater plugin isn’t installed on the servers to ensure that no other league setups are interfered with. The naming scheme we have set up is in line with the naming scheme we use for all other leagues to standardise our management for all configs that we support.

  • @vibeisveryo also to touch on the comp fixes plugin that all leagues globally support, we have integrated the specific comp fix cvars that RGL permits in matches inside of the RGL configs.

  • @Kodyn got it, thanks!

  • @Kodyn “wow” is this true I would pay for this actually. I mean a server that is slightly closer to the pacific northwest is a hot damn.

  • @Mothership That is true; I always have respect to the mothership for the 115 ping to east coast and he still drops my medic.

  • @Midnight-AG We do indeed have a Patreon system that gives you access to our exclusive pools of servers. Our booking system is capable of scaling the number of exclusive servers we have in most of our locations, so we are able to deliver a near-guaranteed server in most locations to our supporters.

    If you have any feedback or requests, you can also contact us via our Ticket system on Discord or just DM the support team.

  • okay i will try it out tomorrow but i do appreciate the idea of having 50- lower ping and stuff 🙂

  • Hey Guys,

    I am looking for a couple of people to contact me via DMs that are interested in helping us test a couple of providers for a Chicago location. Again, just please contact me over Discord (Kodyn#0001) with your Discord ID and I’ll add you to the list of people that have access to that location.

  • Hey Guys,

    Just to keep everyone updated, we would like to announce that we have officially begun testing Chicago servers and hopefully soon releasing a set of free servers to open up the testing to a broader audience.

    As we promised before if the trial phase continues to show demand on our free servers, we will move to permanently support the region. We have high hopes in our Chicago provider being suitable for the quality requirements we seek.

    To touch on some future figures as well, since we understand that Chicago seems to be the favoured location for the majority of players, our team has secured a partnership with a provider there to give us the capabilities in scaling to 60+ servers if needed; this assumes that we are satisfied with the quality during testing.

    We look forward to working with many of you in delivering a high standard of service and expanding the available options for your scene.

  • Afternoon / Evening,

    We are officially adding Chicago to our North America server trial; this comes with 4 free servers and 50 exclusive servers. These new servers are also using an experimental server image, so let us know if you have issues during this testing phase.

    Kindest Regards,

  • We have completed our expansion for the year in North America with our final location being Dallas. It supports 4 free servers and 4 exclusive servers, we look forward to refining our booking system in the region as we continue testing!

  • alt text

    That wraps up our server expansion for North America this year with our new region in Dallas. Supporting 10 locations now for this trial with free servers located in Chicago, Iowa and Dallas, we look forward to working with everyone over the next couple of months in refining our current service and exploring new endeavours!


    • Chicago
    • Iowa
    • Dallas
    • Las Vegas
    • Los Angeles
    • Montreal
    • North Virginia
    • Oregon
    • Salt Lake City
    • South Carolina

    We hope everyone has a merry Christmas and stays safe as we head into the December period. Reach out to any of our staff if you need a helping hand or just to have a friendly conversation.

    Kindest Regards,

  • @Kodyn With regards to the naming scheme - it makes sense why you do it, but multiple scrims I’ve played so far have had issues with the server host using the commands, often instructed by others/by unofficial guides out there, to exec configs such as exec rgl_HL_stopwatch, but they did nothing, and we ended up playing out a scrim with no stopwatch and on the default config. I feel like this is an issue that is likely to pop up over and over again, and this will create the necessity for two sets of instructions - one for all non-Qixalite servers using the official config names like exec rgl_HL_stopwatch and one for Qixalite servers using your own config names such as exec rgl/HL_stopwatch - this is bound to generate much confusion and possibly the need for rounds played all over again or banned weapons being used, etc.

    Is there a way you could create a simple server side alias to match the config names we RGL players are used to, and that we tell everyone who asks to exec, to the config names you use? For example, an rgl_HL_stopwatch.cfg file that contains one line: exec rgl/HL_stopwatch - so that your updating service can update rgl/HL_stopwatch but using exec rgl_HL_stopwatch will still get RGL players to the right config.

  • Hey @vibeisveryo,

    I have pushed an update that includes aliases to be more in line with the process that you are familiar with. Only one minor difference is instead of typing rcon exec rgl_hl_stopwatch you just type rcon rgl_hl_stopwatch, so it does end up being shorter and easier to remember anyway.

    RGL Alias Examples:

    • rcon rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1
    • rcon rgl_6s_5cp_match_half2
    • rcon rgl_6s_5cp_gc
    • rcon rgl_6s_5cp_scrim
    • rcon rgl_6s_koth
    • rcon rgl_6s_koth_bo5
    • rcon rgl_6s_koth_scrim
    • rcon rgl_7s_koth
    • rcon rgl_7s_koth_bo5
    • rcon rgl_7s_5cp
    • rcon rgl_7s_stopwatch
    • rcon rgl_hl_koth
    • rcon rgl_hl_koth_bo5
    • rcon rgl_hl_5cp
    • rcon rgl_hl_stopwatch

    Kindest Regards,

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