JunkKaiju - LFT S8 Main / Low-Advance Scout CLOSED

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  • Unavailable for highlander schedule

    Hey, I’m Kaiju!

    I’ve been playing the game since F2P update and came back to competitive a while ago (Had an old account that was lost for multiple reasons). I have some experience in the early days of UGC and a lot in RGL, playing in multiple formats.

    I’m looking to join a Main or Low Advance team for S8 as Scout.

    I focus on improving in my role and to support the team’s health.

    I promise to not disappoint!

  • this guy cant stop top fragging in im please get him outta there thanks

  • Started off as our demo but ended up switching to scout and FRAGGING. This man will support your flank hard and always be positive.

  • Kaiju is a beast of a scout. He has seriously impressive DM and great gamesense. He would be a killer addition to any flank. I have zero doubt that anyone would be disappointed in his performance. He has a great desire to improve as well. Pick him up ASAP!

  • Pretty good scout, Advanced is pushing it, but Needs to find a suitable high/mid main team.

  • Amazing DM on Scout and incredibly reliable on the flank. Does not disappoint whatsoever with his performance and has great consistency in his play. Pick this man up. PLEASE.

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