lft s8 demo adv/ top main?

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  • LFT

    • adv/ top main demo
    • maybe off class and play scout/soldier/heavy/sniper in main

    I played S6 main and subbed S7 advanced, plus 2 ancient seasons of silver ugc
    just looking to play with positive and cool folk

    I got some tryouts lined up but I figured id put up an official lft post just in case

  • Amazing demo and maincaller

  • Probably one of the best players you could have on your team. He never complains, he puts out mad DPM, and he efficiently leads a team in game. I don’t think I’ve played with a Demo that was better than Rasta in all of these categories.

    It would be an absolute travesty to not pick Rasta up. You will not be disappointed.

  • I have played against him an had tryouts with him fantastic demo def worth a tryout

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