lft adv heavy s8

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  • heyo, so my team isn’t going to be around next season so I’m looking for a team.

    I’m really looking for a team with players that want to improve and learn together.

    This season was a great learning experience, especially after taking a break; so I just want a team to keep grinding and improving on my poot.


  • Attention is an advanced heavy in the making for the league

    he wants to improve and that will go a long way for any player looking to stand out in advanced

    Heavy’s a very desirable class due to the lack of heavy’s and new players switching on invite

    I would not be surprised to see if attention worked up next season to a top heavy in advanced

    He defiantly has that potentially if he works hard which he is

  • has a want to improve, could be a pretty good adv heavy on a team that actually wants to try
    he’s a fun person + could own on a better team

  • Matt from Wii Sports in the flesh

    Takes criticism well and is always looking to improve, easily top adv heavy with some mentoring + the right team

  • attentiondeficit, contrary to his name, pays a lot of attention to TF2.

    He plays well, pushes well, and with enough time I think he can succeed at parking his wheelchair on cliff.

    In all seriousness though, he outperforms a lot of heavies in advanced right now.

    Pick him up!

  • bumpppppp

  • Super chill guy who won main S5 and farmed on heavy. You’ll regret it if you don’t pick him up. He’s a winner

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