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  • Looking to own some noobs. Add me on steam or discord.
    Need scout, pyro, engi, and med tryouts pls. Maybe some subs too


    scout: BMPD?
    soldier: panther
    pyro: jebus?
    demo: mono
    heavy: SecretlySatan
    engi: agb?flu?
    med: raven?
    sniper: blank
    spy: galaxy

  • beastmode

  • Some of these players are already banned would not be surprised if some of them got banned again
    I do not suggest playing with some of these gamers ( Not all )

    A lot of these comms are going to come down to either the n word resulting in someone getting banned or roasting galaxy for messing up
    This roster will not happen if galaxy is also not unbanned which his appeal has been denied more than once.
    He’s not the only one who needs to appeal
    I dont see that changing in the near future as he repeatedly throws shade at a lot of players currently playing spy in the division
    This roster kind of falls on the line of yeah it could be good if people tried, cared, didn’t meme in every scrim or didn’t roast galaxy

    I played on a similar version to this exact team preseason and all it was is

    People getting drunk
    Useless comms like " I would do that with my eyes closed " " im munching on some grub "
    " just kill him idiot " " your such a stupid ( n word ) "

    It will ruin your growth as a player looking to get into invite if your considering this team. The season after this I’m now playing on the first seed team in advanced I’m glad I didn’t play for this team again
    Some of these players had to be banned from even playing in advanced on a majority of classes cause they sandbagged constantly to win.

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  • @Townze I read what you put on our team’s forum post and all I have to say is:
    I would like to point out that 5 out of the 9 players confirmed on this roster are advanced winners on at least one occasion with all of them winning once on the same team, so saying that our team has a losing mentality is blasphemous. I would also like to point out that the two people who were not on the advanced winning roster were Jebus and Blank. Jebus is an invite level spy who was on the adv winning roster before choosing to sub on an invite team. Jebus would have been able to assist us on winning the 'chip undoubtedly. The other player, Blank, is so damn good, they thought he cheated. I think that explains it enough. This isn’t going to be winning invite, but it’s surely not the guaranteed worst team in invite.

  • @mono72 re read my post

    I praised your teams talent even mentioning I played before cause I like the team with some of these players the issue is the team living
    Work ethic
    Taking games seriously

    When single drop was around
    ( timeless and other admins talked about it being a sandbag team first off ) everyone constantly trolled and I know this cause one of those players plays on my team and he told me his experiences

    There’s not a whole lot to prove when your rosters just significantly better then everyone else and you put in the minimal effort
    it showed in scrims we can pull them up

    The teammate who played on that team specifically went as far to mention season 6 grand finals were not taken seriously
    You may have all placed but I would argue half or more of yours or other previous players of single drop placed more then twice or four times on different classes

    There has been a constant string of players continually placing over and over again in advanced You and others included who all play together

    Admins cracked down on it now advanced isn’t any one team is guaranteed to always place cause they have all the advanced winners offclasing on the same team every single season

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  • @Townze if you want to make shit up then go write a book and stop posting on my lfp

  • @pant I wish it was a lie or made up

    Maybe I wouldn’t of needed to write so much if it wasn’t true

    All it takes for me is asking my teammate his own personal experience and looking at who’s banned on the team

    Minimum effort
    Logs I probably have to go back a season ago to find

    If anyone looking at this wants to do research just follow these steps 🙂

    Galaxy banned - bomb threats need to appeal
    Secretly Satan banned needs to appeal - using a banned player in scrimmages also warned three times

    Mono was warned for being racist and he’s the reason I put ( n word in comms ) he says it so much I’m surprised he’s not banned

    You last of all

    Panther - Player gained control of another player’s computer and then repeatedly used racial slurs in the RGL Discord on their account.

    Name anyone else who would do that ???

    You know why I was warned cause you used my full name and a picture I had laying around to trying find information through my Facebook about my family and me ??? So when I got mad about that to staff I asked your friend for the same thing when you didn’t get banned

  • Townze, I recommend that you stop sitting on this LFP and editing your post every hour.
    All the players on this team are good people, who aren’t an issue per-say.
    I like all of them, although a couple don’t like me I still think they are chill to hang out w/.
    Please stop wasting your time trashing this LFP because despite your several paragraphs nobody is going to read them/care enough to not try out for this team.
    That is all for now. This does not break any rules (Mothership, I know you’re going to read this, don’t delete it.)

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  • i was here

    also good team dont delete

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