Mentor Post Guidelines

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  • Thread Titles

    The title/subject of an Mentoring post should be marked with the class you wish to mentor/be mentored on. It is important to ensure you have a properly formatted title so your post is more likely to be found by potential players.

    [Username] - [Class] - Mentee/Mentor

    Mentee - Looking to learn
    Mentor - Looking to teach

    Here are a few examples:

    Mothership - Engineer - Mentoring You Today!
    Aad - Spy - Looking for Mentor


    In your posts, you should also try to include all the following:

    • State whether you are a mentor or a mentee
    • Availability for mentoring
    • What would you like help with
    • Any competitive experience
    • Link to your Steam profile

    Here is an example post:

    exa_ - Engineer - Mentor

    I am looking to mentor engineers for this upcoming season. I am free anytime during the weekends.

    I can go over demo reviews and help you with general map knowledge, positioning, and DM.

    Competitive Experience

    Season 1 - Invite - Fast Forward ~ 4th Place

    Steam Profile:

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