LFT S7 and 8 Main Spy

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  • Hey, Zapp here, i am an adaptive and team orientated spy, i will try and work with your team and excell with your combo and flank. I normally work extremely well if your team can keep their chill and keep playing through bad situation/times, hope to be working with you guys soon!

    Discord: Zapp#2232

    previous EXPs:

    [S3] Open Energetic Rabid Panthers (Spy): 8th
    [S4] Open Daletech (Spy): 5th
    [S5] Open Starbrights (Leader)(Spy): 4th
    HL Map Cup #3 IM-2 Vindicators (Spy): 2nd
    [S6] IM Vindicators (Spy): 4th
    [S7] Main Vindicators (Spy)
    [S7] Main Nukroo (Spy)

    ❤ and glhf!

  • fat spy try em out

  • zapp is my good friend and a very solid spy. he has a really good attitude and genuinely cares about those around him.
    from my experience with him on VND, i can confirm that he’s super responsive to feedback and does a good job of listening to a team and working with them. please give him a tryout!

    also, this

  • From the time I’ve known Zapp his dedication and determination to playing spy have always caught my attention. When you play with him you can really tell that he cares and wants to do the best he can. He’s always trying to improve and will gladly listen to feedback. Pick him up and try him out 10/10

  • done demo reviews with this dingo the mistakes he makes are instantly fixed by the time he plays again very on the ball an very much wants to improve as a player. get him on a good team next season


  • great at getting key picks and playing with the team 🙂 haha medic go bye

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