LFT S8 Scout Main

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  • Want to play scout next season in main. Looking to win and kill of course.

  • If you knew him before, he is reformed. If he was how he was now, I wouldn’t have cut him once he gave me ownership of whalemart ringme. Really chill now, fun to talk with, willing to learn. Give him a good team.

  • dude tried out for my team def a solid pickup he works very hard to become the best an is a really solid guy and look forward to seeing more of him this upcoming season

  • hes a beast pick him up.

  • Played with him for a season and had an amazing time. Wonderful guy who is dedicated to the game and is very good at what he does. He is always willing to learn and improve, and try new things when needed. Passing him up is a crime, so if you get him on your team, treat him well and he will help carry your flank and potentially whole team

  • he owns, simple as that. pick him up

  • Do not disrespect this man. He plays low quality Tobu Candyland on his phone to warm up.

  • I recommend. His dm is insane, but I used to have issues with his comms when I tried him out last season. However, I have heard that his comms have greatly improved since then. Definitely main ready and worth a tryout!

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