lay mentoring medics open-adv

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  • have mentored before, stopped talking to some people, and im back to square one

    looking to mentor any willing meds from open to adv, whether it be demo/map reviews or just talking about the class/highlander in general

    please actually talk to me if you want a mentor, too many times there have been people who ask for 1 demo review and thats it

    outside of that i would really like to help some med players out, it helps me keep my game good as much as i (hopefully) help yours

    add me on steam!

  • Beast medic; has great awareness of how the game is played and how the overall flow of the game should go, practically never dies, and always knows when to keep heals on who. Best medic in advanced right now, let him teach you.

  • Really smart with heal priorities, communicating with others, and positioning to maximize pressure yet minimize threats. Also somehow arrows me every time when I feed.

    Set up weekly reviews with him and you will definitely improve.

  • smelly but good at the game

  • Best medic in advanced and it’s not even close

    good at communicating when he’s in trouble or when we wanna use ubers
    I have no doubt he can help you improve as a player
    Could easily play Invite over a few medics in the division already
    worth a shot as a teacher

  • Smart medic that knows more than just what his class needs to do. Has really good game sense and would be a great mentor to anyone looking to get better at medic or just in general.

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