Bliztank LFT S8

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  • I’d like to play
    Soldier>Demo>Spy>Pyro in that order.
    For soldier I’d be down to play in advanced or invite
    For demo I’d be down to play in advanced
    For spy I’d be down to play in advanced or invite
    I’m most confident in my pyro, but I’m not very interested in playing it outside of invite and top advanced teams.
    I’ll be prioritizing teams with friends on them, but I’d be interested in trying out for most teams if asked.

  • This man is a real gamer, he will frag and make occasionally funny jokes at the same time! pick him up c:

  • Always have the most respect for whatever class this man plays. Great addition to any team.

  • I’ve known bliztank for a while now and is someone I can be proud to call a friend. Super creative and skilled player, smart guy, never a bad presence in VC.

    Able to be super flexible with his playstyle in order to make an impact on the game even on off days. I don’t think I’ve ever met another pyro player who can properly instill fear into the enemy combo as much as bliz with the jetpack.

    Outside of possessing great mechanical skill and game sense, he’s also a really high character guy. Extremely thoughtful, funny, positive person who doesn’t tilt and always improves your VC.

    Honestly worth a shot no matter who your team is, and deserves a chance to prove himself in invite as you can not tell me this man is worse than perenne or micahlele :wink:

  • its not feeding if you get the med

  • Great gamer, deserves a good home

  • won’t stop sending me to brazil, 9/10

  • stop playing this game and you will feel so much better.

    Epic player, epic person, epic pickup on every class.

  • @sebbers
    How am I supposed to get my short term emotional gratification if I don’t play this game?

  • Bliztank has a very analytic mindset which is a valuable asset to any team, as he’s capable of determining strengths/weaknesses in opponents and can exploit them.

    And regardless of the class he plays, he’s not afraid to make big plays. 100% recommend

  • A true chad amongst chads, give him a good home.

  • good teammate to have and quality multi classer, def a good pickup

  • the only player who i can accurately use the word “chaos” to describe.

    he’s one of the craziest pyros i’ve ever seen and has some good DM + gamesense to boot

  • Bliztank is an amazing friend so I can only imagine him being a great teammate

    What’s there not to say the guys got talent to play advanced or invite

    He was one of the only pyros I had to talk to my team about and make adjustments for so I like the idea of innovating and trying new things

    His pyro and spy are clean although I have not seen much of his soldier to comment im sure he would fit right in

    I like the idea of getting ahead in planning out next season just putting something up shows me his commitment to playing in the league and improving

    There will never be another blitztank pyro for a generation to come

  • Super sweet guy and what seems like a good teammate! His pyro is unconventional but frags out in the same sense. I can’t speak for his other classes personally, but I remember him having a clean demoman

  • Bump + Updated info

  • absolute beast pick up at all costs

  • I always hate playing against you no matter the class you’re on, on pyro ur a rerard version of sketchek and on soldier you’re always a bitch to fight. Insta Cop.

  • Remove him from pyro jail

    His soldier is so fat


  • bump (someone play halo coop with me)

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