LFT S8 Main Scout

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  • Hi I’m Manlikebubble, not a lot of people know me but I just started HL two seasons ago i’m willing to frag for whoever and whenever. I’m here to have fun and just vibe with anyone, if you want to try me out my discord is


    RGL S6 Tragedy of Gnulius Ceasar (IM)
    RGL nukroo (MAIN)

    Thanks you for checking me out i do stream on twitch so i have vods/clip on: https://www.twitch.tv/manlikebubble

  • I had my doubts but when i tried this dude out he went crazy and honestly speaking one of the greatest team mates iv had the honor of playing with like fr. This guy is going neck an neck with nearly all the scouts in main with some leadership this dude could be high main material 200% I look forward to playing with or against him in the future. gl MLB u are a goat!


  • I Was fortunate enough to play alongside him during his first season of play, and despite him being new, he played like anyone would expect, if not better, and is only getting even better from what I’ve heard/seen. Very reliable, attentive, and easy to work with - would recommend!

  • Really solid and consistent scout, really good on his good days, and still good on his bad days, will be a solid pickup.

  • One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in TF2. As someone who played soldier with him, he is very good at playing together and communicating with his teammates.

  • yeah he’s good but is it a man who likes a bubble, or a bubble in the shape of a man

  • Seriously an amazing pickup. If someone else doesn’t pick him up I will.

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