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  • looking to main on an invite team, PLEASE get me out of sub jail :(. however, if i don’t get any main offers, i’ll just bite the bullet and sub.
    i’m dedicated to whatever class i play and possess an analytical mind on how to refine my play.
    i’m not toxic nor do i partake in that culture.

    willing to play: scout/sniper/pyro/heavy

    discord: jerry#7492

    RGL HL Season 7 NA Invite
    RGL HL Season 6 NA Invite (1st Place)
    RGL HL Season 5 NA Invite
    RGL HL Season 4 NA Invite

  • I always remembered Jerry as a positive individual with a really big drive to improve. He’s a great person, asset for any team, and his aim is impressive as well.

  • pretty good and reliable person, has some clean sniper/scout skills too.

  • Wicked good sniper who would wipe the floor with invite if you let him main. The best part about Jerry in my book is how fantastic of a teammate he is. So agreeable, friendly, adaptive, works hard with the team to be the teammate they need him to be. I can say nothing but good things about him as a teammate, and when he gets settled in to a team his peak will be unbelievable.

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