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  • Hi! My name is Empyrean aka Emp. I’m a medic main and currently finishing up my very first season of HL in Main in the hopes of finding another team since mine is RIP next season.
    I believe in constant growth- learning and absorbing as much as I can get through every experience whether that be scrims, demo/map reviews, and matches.

    Although I am still pretty green, I am super motivated and willing to put in the time and effort to refine my medic gameplay with a driven team.


  • Really solid medic, even for the lack of experience seems to be getting really good advice and mentorship from Rogue and Kasper, pick her up.

  • A lot of us were skeptical about picking up a basically blank history player. Throughout this season she has shown without a doubt to have been the best choice. She has overcome many challenges this season including learning highlander from zero, facing constant scrutiny, and having to adjust to several different demomen/main callers. Empy has shown that even in the bleakest of circumstances she can still outplay even veteran opposing medics. She basically works a second job with the number of hours she dedicates to mentor sessions while still participating in all team activities. Honestly could not be prouder of the progress she has made and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her climb the ranks very fast. My hope for her is that she stays humble and finds a team better suited for her talent. Good luck Empyrean.

  • i enjoy watching her demos and listening to her thought process
    has the mindset to excel in main and is honestly pretty nice with it
    definitely a worthy pickup, and she loves to learn

  • Very solid med. Even though she has very little experience, she is still worth the pick up. As long as she can fix up her comms, she can go far in main.

  • Empyrean has been working with me multiple times per week for months now, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her rate of improvement is like nothing I’ve ever seen, where she’s nearly the complete package after just 1 season. Her fundamentals have been drilled in to the point of running like clockwork, and the speed at which she corrects mistakes is so fast that I’m starting to run out of mistakes to find. Very very good pickup and will be a household name in a very short time.

  • @Empyrean Incredibly skilled medic. She may be a little uptight at first, but then you realize it’s because she’s that good at the game and knows what she’s talking about. Very cool person out of game too, and is always trying her hardest to do her best

  • probably top 3 meds in main if not top 2

    carries me in svs :)

    pick her up!

  • bumping!

  • Had alot going on this past season, looking to keep learning and improving.
    lft high main/advance for s11

    small update on experience:

    Season 8 roster rode
    Season 9 main medic on Mentally Challenger
    Season 10 main medic on wagoogus

  • very clean, a great pick up

  • amazing and super kind medic, pick her up!!

  • LFT high main/advance medic s12

    S11 played the first 3 weeks of advance then moved to sub on WE LOVE LEAN.
    S12 I’m hoping to take a main spot on either a high main or advance team.
    Willing to improve, demo review and grow both individually and in a team setting.

  • Emp was solid on med when I was playing adv with her, always looking to improve and is super dedicated. Would def be top main, deserves a legitimate shot in adv.

  • Fun to play with. Great medic

  • goated mental
    always fun to play with
    and always looking to improve
    pick them up :D

  • Clean med with a dedicated spirit and mentality, a great choice for a starter spot on any top main and even advanced teams. Good luck for the future bro, good shit.

  • bumping for S12 ^^^

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