LFP Posting Guidelines

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  • Looking for Player posts are recommended for returning teams or people looking to start a new team with a few other players.

    Thread Titles

    The title/subject of an LFP post should be marked with the division you wish to play and the specific classes you are looking for. It is important to ensure you have a properly formatted title so your post is more likely to be found by potential players.

    LFP [Division] - [Team Name] - [Classes Needed]

    Here are a few examples:

    LFP Advanced - saving lieutenant lemons - Scout/Heavy/Sniper
    LFP Open - Show 'em the Pine - Flank Classes


    In your posts, you should also try to include all the following:

    • Any confirmed player on the team on their stated class
    • What days you plan to scrim
    • Voice service (Mumble/Discord)
    • Team link/past team experience (returning teams only)
    • What you are aiming for this season (playoffs, going even [4-4], etc)
    • Steam profile link for contacting

    Here is an example post:

    LFP Open - Show 'em the Pine - Soldier + Combo Classes

    Hello, I am creating a new Highlander team to compete in RGL Open this upcoming season. The current players on our team have played at least one season of Highlander in the past. We plan to scrim Saturday/Sunday 8:30 & 9:30pm eastern with our pregame @ 8:30pm eastern on Mondays. We will be using Mumble for comms. For this season, we aim to make playoffs and then continue in main the following season.

    Our current roster is:
    Scout: exa
    Soldier: LFP
    Pyro: LFP
    Demo: LFP
    Heavy: LFP
    Engi: mothership
    Medic: LFP
    Sniper: Saxton Hale
    Spy: rain

    If you are interested, contact me here for tryouts: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/11111111111111

    What Division should I play?

    Below are the list of divisions and the general skill level you should have when trying to join said division.

    You should have Platinum level experience to join this division. Players here are considered to be the best that Highlander has to offer. The Invite Division is limited to 8 teams.

    Advanced is recommended for players who have a lot of experience. Skill range of UGC High-Silver. Advanced is limited to 8 teams.

    Main is recommended for players who the following experience levels. Skill range of UGC Mid-Silver. Players here are moderately experienced and are on the road of being able to play in Advanced and Invite.

    Intermediate is recommended for players who are decently experienced with a couple of seasons of competitive played and the basics down. Skill range of UGC Low-Silver.

    The open division is open to players with experience levels from Steel to people who have some competitive experience.

    Newcomer is for players who are completely new with no experience in the competitive scene.

    Tagging your post

    When you are finally ready to create your LFP Post, you also need to make sure you have the relevant tags. You can pick what Tags you want to apply to your post in the bottom left corner.

    Tagging 1

    Just click on the tag icon and it will give you a list of relevant tags that you can choose from.

    Tagging 2

    From there you can pick as many tags that are relevant to your post.

    Tagging 3

    Once you have finished tagging you can submit your post. Here is how it will look:

    LFT Post Example

    Searching through Tags

    To find new players, you can head to the Tags tab on the nav bar. This will list out all the the different tags on the forums. To search for posts with a specific tag, all you need to do is click on the tag name. This will show every single post with that tag, starting with the most recent ones.

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