LFT S8 Heavy/Spy Main

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  • Alright, time for a change of pace.
    Looking to play either heavy or spy this season on a main team ^^ willing to do whatever it takes to frag the enemy gamer
    Discord: BBL#1694

  • Could play high main if he believes. If man doesn’t get pick up, contemplate life. BBL tracking will stop WWIII!

  • A great person to be around. he will genuinely make the team feel better when he’s on it. If you can get him to NOT maincall his gameplay is nuts and he has a good head on his shoulders gamesense-wise. If nothing else, give him a chance.

  • Is an epic fucking gamer, you want this guy on your team, will work his ass off for it. When he’s main calling he’s about mid main level but is low adv/high main if he’s not. Give him a chance, you won’t regret it.

  • Amazingly fun dude to be around and is dedicated to learning whatever he can. Pick him up and have a blast with him.

  • great dude, heavy is good, spy is underrated, and good maincaller too. enjoyed subbing for him this season

  • honestly deserves a great team. I mentored BBL and the boys for like 2 or 3 seasons and they, BBL especially, always had their heart in the game and is gonna make a great heavy if he keeps playing. Give this guy a chance.

  • Heavy with brain 0_o rare talent plz roster man

  • Mentored him this season. Great spy and almost always makes the right decision. Once hes more confident in his dm, BBL could easily be high main, low-mid advanced. Deserves a good team.

  • Haven’t met many people who care as much as he does. He’ll do great with the right team

  • good guy he likes to improve and try his hardest give him a chance

  • hey this guy is pretty epic and cool

  • guy is peak let him play in main or ima cry put him on spy or heavy if u do the rest of the season is GG an u will win

  • In my short time playing with BBL. he was easily one of the best teammates I’d ever had. If there were a change we wanted him to make, he would make it if it meant it helped the team more. He’d always be doing work to improve, always showing up to demo reviews, always showing up to scrims. If there were any flaw to BBL, I’d say it’s that sometimes he’s too hard on himself. Pick this man up. You won’t regret it.

  • this guy’s kinda gaming, pick him up unless you wanna get gamed on

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