BNF looking for dedicated gamers for s8 and maybe onwards?

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  • They say you can’t keep a good man down, yet here I am anyway. A bunch of washed up gamers are looking to bounce back into the scene but much like the obscenely rich we figure injecting some new blood won’t hurt. Current roster is as follows:
    Scout- Legitimate Logic
    Soldier- Soarin
    Pyro- Appletineeoh (We are in need of a sub, good amount of playtime!)
    Spy- Pills
    Currently looking for heavies/meds that are interested more than anything else, also looking for a dedicated sub pyro as Apple’s flaky work schedule can make him inconsistent at best sometimes. Subs for every other class welcome as well, extra brownie points if I know you.
    Main experience preferred but not required!
    Feel free to add me to discuss:

    Edit: We are no longer for engi tryouts!

  • Bumping, no longer in need of heavy or sniper tryouts!

  • Bumping again, desperately in need of medic tryouts! Also in need of a dedicated pyro sub (potential to main later)!

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