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  • On the (likely) chance that my friend team is dead next season, I would like to join a team that is try-harding and either:

    • Snipe in invite
    • Snipe in advanced (if allowed)
    • Continue getting experience on spy or engineer in advanced
    • Get experience on pyro or med on a team I know will perform at least decently in advanced

    Sniper > Spy > Engineer > Pyro > Medic

    Let it be known that I no longer have anywhere near the time I was putting into this game before S6, and I don’t expect to find a team in invite that I’d want to join. But hey, it’s possible. Also, I don’t want to be on a team with a bunch of egos, I’d rather play with people who aren’t up their own asses and are trying to improve.

    Most recent relevant stuff:

    • S4 - Advanced - marker and e-boy - 1st (sniper)
    • S5 - Invite - Turtle Beach Audio - 4th (sniper)
    • S6 - Invite - Impostors - 4th (sub sniper)

    This season I’m playing spy in main, and I’d like to think I’m doing well. I’ve also messed around with engineer and pyro in advanced before this season, but ultimately haven’t played a season on either of them before. Add me on steam if you are looking for tryouts.

  • really good sniper, best sniper in adv s4.

  • One of my best friends and incredible sniper, pick this man up immediately.

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