Mentoring HL Demoman Advanced - Amateur

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  • Townze’s my favorite demoman of rgl. Dude talks to all his teammates to get things to improve on them. He can come off harsh at times but that shows how much he cares for peoples improvement in this game.

  • smelly but good at the game

  • Wont hesitate to tell you what you are doing wrong. Be ready for the famous Townze Lectures though. He talks a lot but its usually really useful and important stuff. You are almost guaranteed to improve with him.

  • MEGA MONOLOGUES, townze will always, literally always have metric tons of information to say no matter what, this will help a lot with anyone looking to get better, especially if u are in a lower div
    ianMODE is like no other

  • I don’t know a lot about how he mentors or teaches the game, but he has a very solid understanding of the fundamentals and can be very valuable for teams at a lower level finding their stride to elevate their game.

    He communicates in a distinct, detailed way (typically for the best!), so if you’re a player who works well with learning tons of new information in one sitting per session, Townze can deliver!

  • the few conversations I have had with townze he may not have the necessary old knowledge when it comes to demo but he definitely has the right mindset when it comes to demo an I think him mentoring could help alot of players

  • Townze is very knowledgeable person and is also a very nice guy. Can play multiple classes at a high level, if you want knowledge on the game and demo in particular than look no further.

  • Cool dude and a great demo. Townze has so much info to say, and he will tell you where you were wrong. Great map knowledge and a ton of demo exp. If you want to get better Townze is a great choice.

  • I’ve only interacted with Townze a number of times through tf2center but everytime I talked to him he’s given the best advice when it comes to this game. I’d suggest him for one of the mentoring experiences.

  • @Townze i did 1 demo review with this man and i instantly went invite, this man will make ur knowledge ascend… He also talks faster then ben shaperio

  • Has a lot to say and a lot of knowledge to give to others. Definitely will improve with him!

  • Townze has a lot to say and has a lot of experience to back it up. What I thought was going to be a 30 min review turned into a 1.5 hour breakdown of the nature of the demoman. Subscribed

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