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  • also agree with alto that contesting players in caves is too difficult bc high ground on caves. im not sure actually moving caves up was super needed?

  • The degree of steepness in the current version did feel to me perhaps a bit of a hypercorrection, but I cannot swear that the awkwardness was anything more than unfamiliarity/Uncanny Valley.

  • @wish said in KOTH Cascade:

    Fighting a soldier who decided jump into your tunnel isn’t fun. The only way to deal with him isn’t fun is by spamming rockets or stickies until he dies. You can’t walk at him as scout or engineer because he has height advantage in a tunnel.

    detonator works very well for pushing soldier out of your tunnel

  • Oh, yeah, and I think I also got the “spawns delayed after mid cap” thing in this version. Anyone else? Or did I imagine?

  • @scaredy-bat nah my team noticed that too

  • Four years after its initial release, I am proud to announce that Cascade has been updated to version RC2 in preparation for its inclusion in season 9 of RGL Highlander. This update addresses several issues identified in playtesting and feedback from the experimental cup, in addition to continued refinement of visuals and performance. While this may not be the final update to Cascade, it will most likely be the last time the map receives major layout changes. I’d like to thank everyone who has played the map and offered feedback over the years; none of this would be possible without your engagement and support.




  • @Defcon Thanks for your hard work and being receptive to feedback! All the changes look really nice so far. I appreciate the point being lowered and the doorway under batts being a little higher

  • hi defcon

    so after scrimming the map and playing a match on it, I noticed a few things that might warrant change in the next release


    first off, small thing, you can build behind that glass wall in spawn if you look thru the handle in the door. not really a big deal, but troll teles exist sometimes.


    second, this rock and its mirror on point are just slightly too steep, and cause players to surf and get stuck between the wood post and the rock.


    on the opposite side of point, this fencing on “shield” has a wonky clip brush that can stop a player from moving if they press their face up against it.


    and last thing, these slanted walls in lower can force a player to stay crouched if they crouch into them. granted it doesn’t happen often, but its really annoying to get out of when it does happen.

    i think its a good change from old cascade, and i’m looking forward to new revisions 🙂

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  • 2021.07.18-00.32_01.png
    might be nice for this lamp to have clipping so soldier can stand on it etc. right now there is only a tiny bit.

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