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  • Raid and I decided to make a team. Scrims + Reviews should be regular during the season and we are hoping to do well in main in S8. We are looking for tryouts on all classes listed except soldier and sniper.

    Current roster/tryouts include:

    Scout: Ghoti? / Raid
    Soldier: Raid / Monoclink?
    Pyro: cKrow? / pmn06? / nukanga? / concepting? / AJ?
    Demo: Apple Zoo? / Rasta Ronald?
    Heavy: Mikhail? / Apple Zoo? / BBL? / Mae? / Nixtag? / Rasta Ronald?
    Engi: Cristanc99? / BBL?
    Medic: Mr. Gnu? / AJ?
    Sniper: chill
    Spy: nukanga? / Zapp? / BBL?

    Msg either me (chill#8752) or raid (raid#7221) on discord or steam for details.

  • nice voice man makes team go play

  • A dark horse for playoffs next season depending on who decides to roster on this team, really solid core from a very solid theory roster. Could be interesting next season.

  • Just want to say that playing on chill’s team was really fun in the past. He’s a leader that cares a lot about the growth of himself and his members. Great guy and an excellent player. I expect this team to do very well in the coming season.

  • i love these players an they could probably do very well in hl

  • this team is synonymous with sex, join it

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