lft intermediate or amateur demo

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  • i havent played comp in a while, not sure how good I’ll be
    i also played soldier so can’t make promises about demo…im decent

    if you don’t have a main demo spot (which i assume you don’t since its like week 4) I’m down to multiclass sub or fill whatever spot you need, I can probably play most classes at an high amateur-IM level

    3rd place intermediate s1
    http://logs.tf/2172777#76561198219704601 we beat the team in quarterfinals that ended up winning, i was on demo this game

    roster rode for 2nd in steel if that counts for anything

    im pretty sure im allowed to play amateur since i havent played hl in several seasons but i wont sandbag so if i dont belong there i wont play on your team

    i can maincall

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/sp4in/ add me here

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