mentoring pyros main / high advance

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  • im back at it like a crack addict

    i offer demo reviews and reviewing my own demos from seasons past

    also if you don’t know who i am

    i played on some invite team called knd and team called dK

    note: some may say my mentoring style is a bit harsh, but i only mentor people who are dedicated to becoming the best. my knowledge is here for people who wanna learn how to not be the next bfl satan, seven, or fathom, i’m here to help you become the best version of yourself on pyro. to help you find your style and work on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

    imma be extremely honest with my critiques so if you are sensitive and not open to criticism, idk if obliv’s mentoring is right for you. it’s about how much effort you put in to help yourself improve, one demo review will not turn you into a god in a day

    also i’d be down to give a map review to any teams who need it


  • good player sucks at explaining shit still the person to teach you if you can jump thru mental gymnastics of listening to him speak not a bad teacher if you have a brain.
    Also if he calls you bad dont go emo
    is not based

  • well rounded player, also good at demoknight

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